Truth Disclosure has been rapidly speeding up these last four years, for those paying attention. I find Alex Collier's information from the '5th Dimensional Andromedans' sincere and interesting. One must always consider that most contactees, abductees, insider SSP informants, and astronauts, have been 'interfered with' in one way or another. Therefore, it is always prudent to consider at least a small percentage will be disinformation; albeit the informant doesn't feel that and can pass lie detector tests. ( 


My favorite quote from one of Alex's Andromedan elders is: THE LOVE THAT YOU WITHHOLD IS THE PAIN THAT YOU CARRY - FROM LIFETIME TO LIFETIME.


I also feel it is worth the $99.00 per year to watch David Wilcock's and Emery Smith's fascinating thirty-minute shows on It will allow the public to get more up-to-speed fairly fast. I also appreciate Regina Meredith's interviews on Gaia.

Notable persons top have publicly stated that UFO evidence is being suppressed include Senator Barry Goldwater, Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, (former NATO head and chief of the British Defense Staff), Brigadier General Arthur Exon (former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson AFB), Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (first CIA director), astronauts Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell and Buzz Aldrin, and former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, to name a few.

See on Emery Smith's Cosmic Disclosure & Undisclosed shows.

Q: What's the Bottom Line for us for 2018 onward?


Here is UK Simon Parkes' answer: "Well, the bottom line is; it's more positive than you would think for us because on the

21st of December, 2012, an excess of three million people who were critically 'awake' at that crucial time when our solar system was positioned at the equator of the galaxy, it pushed the planet forward with their consciousness.



The CERN Hadron Collider failed to operate, fortunately. Therefore, it was unable to counteract by jumping Earth into another negative Timeline. We have maintained a positive timeline now for about 12 years. There were various agendas, but the primary objective of the Hadron Collider, the CERN device; was to put the earth on another timeline that was in alignment with the 'New World Order' agenda; not the best for the people. That failed to operate; due to the power of 35 volunteers uniting with me in conscious intent, along with the participation of Gaia, Mother Earth herself.


We are looking at a very challenging two years ahead (2016 and 2017).

There will be a lot of pain that we will have to process, integrate and go through

We have to go through it because we cannot come out the other end unless

we've experienced that integrative process and transformational learning." - S.P.

See 5 Healing Tools For Integration for help with that.                                                            

(Also see Merrily's offering of 'Crank Ups'- that can be done long distance via Skype

or in person.)


"My hope is that as we move closer towards one minute to midnight; those

people in high office will jump the ship and come join people like you and

me. It is my belief that they should have amnesty. By and large, there will be some people who committed such atrocities that you cannot forgive - but they are unlikely to come and join us. They will be the ones that go into a deep underground bunker, or get off planet, or commit suicide. Those people in elite families who are victims, as much as anybody else, and who suddenly wake up to the truth of their actions and, have the courage and sincerity to come over and say, 'this is the knowledge that I am willing to share with you guys'; then - they should be welcomed. They should be forgiven for whatever it is they have done; because we need to forgive. We need to move forward.


So, I can foresee a very difficult two years; 2018-2019. I can see a phase where many

traditional structure systems of power that we know will just collapse ... not overnight - 

one tier will go, and then maybe five or six days later, the next tier will go - like a

domino effect ... falling down. There will then be a critical point where there is no



An example of the power of united people occurred in Iceland. What happened in

Iceland was that ordinary people went into the Icelandic Parliament, and physically

threw the members of Parliament out onto the street. That has never been reported

because many 'elite' in the deep state don't want that happening in other countries.

The new Icelandic constitution was re-written simply - with people together on

Facebook, because they wanted to reach as many people as possible." - S.P.

"The point I am making is that when people are pushed to a certain point, they find a voice, and as long as that voice is not too violent; it can actually bring forth something positive." - Simon Parkes

Country Disclosures provided at
Watch some of the short Disclosure videos if you have not seen 120 hours of over 400 Disclosure testimonies provided by officials; through Dr. Steven Greer's efforts -- all willing to testify under oath before Congress. What should that tell you?
If you have not seen the two Snowden movies, Citizen 4 and Snowden by Oliver North, it may be of interest to do so.
Remember, we want humans to maintain their innocence, but drop  their naivete. It is time to WAKE UP. Overwhelm, apathy, and denial are no longer valid excuses.
You have been given many hints and much help; 9-11, Bush voting himself in, and all presidents except for Van Buren and Trump reported coming from the same hidden bloodline ancestor, King John of England. Trump will win the election ... most likely 2 terms.
Interview with a "forced down" down" off-world Lyran Pleiadian; (our cousins), who was shot down in his ship in the 1970's.   Click on the picture to start watching. >>

-Interesting Ways of Discerning Truth

  Reverse Speech Used to Discern the Truth



When someone is speaking or singing a song and you play the song or speech backwards using special equipment, it is indeed shocking what you will hear if you listen carefully. Many songs from the Beatles and others has been tested this way. I believe one of the few songs that is the SAME forward and backwards is the Hallelujah Chorus. Please refer to David Oates, founder of Reverse Speech at  It is very revealing to listen to politician speeches this way.

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