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Merrily Milmoe is a 
  Enigma Explorer, Healer, Researcher
'Cosmic Brilliance Advisor'

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.

 Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life IS but a dream.

In ancient times, the light-hearted bards shared wondrous stories and news-truths from neighboring villages and lands far away - informing locals who had little time to explore; being much occupied with the daily chores of life.


Now, website portals such as this one, serve as a synthesis of this bard’s knowledge, synthesizing over 44 years of voluminous journeying into many things mysterious and veiled; yet of great import - connecting the dots and putting the 'big picture' jigsaw pieces together into one positive unified/holistic whole. Audiences of old used to speak of such in hushed tones; intimidated and fearing ridicule. No Longer!

Intrepid co-creators - this cosmic chronicler and spiritual treasure hunter of hidden truth, invites you to boldly step through this Lion’s Gate portal. Along with other time-traveling minstrels, I am an intuitive multi-dimensional, multi-modal integrative holistic health practitioner and teacher. I act as a midwife to help rebirth forgotten truths; thus contributing to conscious evolution through my radio shows, Q&A, story, pictures, and narrative that offer exciting new discoveries of science and spirit; for true science IS spiritual. They are One in the higher realms.

It is no coincidence that you are here on earth (Terra) during the most pivotal transition since the history of earth’s inception; the Quickening & Reset. Historically - 'quickening' means 'to spring to life'. It refers to the first sign of movement a fetus shows in the womb. This is the time and opportunity for a rebirth and new reset for humanity. This gorgeous blue planet has been the stage for creators-in-training to discern that which they like and that which they no longer wish to co-create together. 


We also are healing all manner of galactic wounds and ancestral patterns.

Visit 5 Healing Tools page for effective, simple tools.

As interconnected beings and aspects of Source, many of you are choosing to awaken now to RAH !

 R emember your divinity. You are all Supersouls; the Vedic synonym for Oversoul or 'Supreme Being'. Memory is held in your DNA.

   A ccess your potential. A new wave of Light from the galactic Central Sun and more has awakened a jump in our collective consciousness. 

      H onor your life’s purpose. Be a portal for Presence, Awareness, and Greater Consciousness into this world - AS LOVE ITSELF.

As you venture forward to explore these forgotten lands, be of good cheer! If there is pain in the body, it is often from untransmuted trauma. Many of you came here to operate both as a systems-buster, and to co-create a new progressive reality. It is imperative at this key juncture, to not give in to apathy, overwhelm, drugs, depression, or fear; which lowers your frequencies. Be not waylaid or deterred.


I invite you to use this website and my YouTube (radio) shows as a source of inspiration; to inform and update a more positive map for your current journey. Allow the rising of your curious and true courageous nature to guide you with greater ease and joy.


It is time to look for truth; a truth about our history, the world, the Multiverse, and about YOU as a Creator. Here you will find that; and by opening and allowing deeper integration, you will become clearer about yourself, your purpose, and why you are here. 

Consciously choose Love over Fear. It is always a choice, for whether or not we are ready to admit it to ourselves - we are co-creators. It only takes a few small groups of co-creators with coherent focused intention, to raise the consciousness frequency (bar); paving the way to freedom for all who choose successful graduation in Earth Game Mastery!  Click here for proof.

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