Merrily R. Milmoe, CMT, QHHT, CLYT

Mill Valley, Ca.

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Thank you for contacting me! Please fill out the section below so we can arrange an in-person, phone, Skype, or Zoom Q & A session or consultation. (Don't forget to include your phone number.) 


One hour, 1.5, or 2 hr. sessions for Q&A are offered on a variety of topics for $100 per hour. You will prepay by PayPal for the session. (A sliding scale is honored for truly 'hardship' cases.) Get more information by visiting my Super Soul Q&A page.

Here are a few of my topics of expertise:


 1. Understanding the Big Picture to discern & know what's

     going on behind the scenes = mostly positive

 2. Galactic Federation of World Updates - See my YouTube videos with Elena Danaan

 3. Getting clarity on your Soul's Purpose in this life

 4. Do you desire greater spiritual understanding? Check out my overview

     of the 4 proverbial questions on the Home page

 5. Learn about your Human Origin and Who You Really Are 

 6. Any questions you may have on Health, Healing, and Happiness

 7. Learning how to Bodywhisper with your own body

 8. Need additional perspectives on any experience you have had?

 9. The latest research in advanced 4th Phase, EZ water and, where to buy:


10. Regenerative healing modalities that are rolling out and

      where to get some self-help devices

11. There are 3 easy & simple steps for Manifesting ... and it works!

12. QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

      We're now allowing sessions on Skype for some. (Visit my QHHT page)

13. Sound healing with tuning forks & Tibetan Bowls

I hope to connect with you soon and look forward to sharing a session together.



Merrily Milmoe


Hi Merrily, I wanted to follow up after our consulting session that was extremely helpful. Thanks to your intuitive advice and guidance, I completed my certification at the SF Sound Healing School and I also am following through to learn animal communication; my two natural passions. Thank you for telling me about 'Cymatics' research. I have learned much about Cymatics and trusting my intuition. My sister listened to our QHHT session and will also be contacting you for a session as well.

Thanks again, Maria C. 2/2020

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