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 Merrily hosts a live radio show every other Thursday.
On October 29, 2020 she recorded Episode 14:
 Animalwhispering: Learn How to Better Communicate with your Pets & All Animals - Pt. One

Testimonials for        Animalwhispering Consulting

Merrily, Thank you so much for your great suggestions and help for my cat. I want to share with you how happy “Sammy Kat” is and by teaching me about clear communication and loving no-nonsense with him. He has been respectful, choosing when he wants to go “into the wilds”, and almost always now following the 'rules' I laid out for him. You taught me to communicate with him better so we work as a team and our relationship becomes a win-win. I knew he wanted to go outside but I was too worried to let him. Now, we are both more relaxed and pleased and he is not so bored and acting out, as you said! It’s delightful to see him happy and more peaceful now. Thanks for the insights & sharing on how to communicate to our fur friends. - Gail I., CA

Click video for Suzan Dallé's communication with a dog in a coma and the specific request the dog telepathized to her. It has a beautiful heart-felt surprise ending.
Animals DO SERVICE for their evolutionary growth by teaching and helping us, and forgive quickly. In 3D, they understand the risks they take on; yet they have been abused incessantly and never lost their honor and fortitude. In the 5thD higher consciousness where we are headed; animals are friends and are not used for food.
 Watch my favorite all-time animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach soothe a highly intelligent 'ferocious' panther who attacked his keeper. Within several minutes, through telepathy and mutual respect, the cat shifted, and more importantly; the caretaker's consciousness shifted. He will never be the same again!
  Send to your skeptic friends who think animals aren't conscious. 
Such sweetness, intelligence & protectiveness. 
 Relaxed Conscious Attention - photo by Stacey Grossman
           Animals exhibit high curiosity and want to get in on some of the action.

TELEPATHY WITH ANIMALS:  (Note to Mer-write and edit this & rec. animal communication videos with race horses and elephants.

Octopoids: An Octopus predicts winning sport test. In Sea Life in Germany.

Mark says Octopoids are incredible sentient and intelligent. The Octopus eerily participates and correctly predicts the winning team and continues with 100% accuracy predicting 5 teams before the match is played. The brain size is the size of a walnut.

“Paul” the Octopus is a media sensation, Oliver, the curator takes care of him.  Paul made his final prediction and was right again. He had all 8 games right. They let Paul retire and he died in October 2010.

1.THE BLUE RINGED OCTOPUS IS ONE OF THE MOST DEADLY CREATURES IN THE WORLD. IT HAS ENOUGH VENOM TO PARALYZE 10 ADULT HUMANS. Octopus love trying to solve every puzzle. They are color blind, so he didn’t respond to the flags. He was using a sensory ability and  are very sensitive to chemical cues. They are curious and explorers.


2.Elephants emit ultra low frequency calls with their stomachs. These sounds travel through hundreds of miles and hear this with sensors of their feet.


3. Cat Telepathy June 1951 in Anderson, Ca. The Woods family is moving into Oklahoma and Sugar, that cat refuses to get inside the they are very sad and have to leave and had a friend adopt her. Rita, their daughter is 8 years old at the time and is bereft. INCIDENTS OF ANIMALS CROSSING DESERTS, MOUNTAINS from California, over 2200 kilometers over 5 states. He knew where his person moved to = telepathic. “Sugar”. Unbelievable love!! It took Sugar 14 months from the time he left California to show up at the farm in Oklahoma.  I think it’s girl owner missed him so much, she thought about Sugar all the time and set up a telepathic link! –a quantum physics =spooky action at a distance. I agree with this. She had a strong, clear bond as a clear radio signal with her owner.

The last 10-15 years, scientists are waking up to greater animal cognition and intelligence. They are being humbled. This is a revolution that is always a determinate. How a society treats it’s animals is a proof of how conscious and developed it is.

One small example of a change in consciousness is in July, 2016, Walmart just made a comittment to only sell cage-free eggs.

The human animal bond is deeply entrenched. Animals live in a world we consider paranormal. They see things we can’t see, smell things we can’t smell etc…

        Norwegian Forest Cat

Who Says Animals Are Dumb?

Check out these fun videos below!

 Dog Devotion, Unconditional Love & Service

I recommend Rupert Sheldrake's work. One of his latest books was about proving the existence of telepathy with people's dogs knowing when their owners are coming home; even if the day and time changes.

Watch perfect synchronicity of a starling flock... Talk <<about one Consciousness!


"The Startling Science Of A Starling Murmuration"


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