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I left this crystal on the front far corner of my front yard by a tree for the fairies/Fae; (once I learned that they like crystals.) Within two days, which included one day of heavy rain - look at the fairy circle the fairies created for me as a thank you. Fairies are masters of the elements. The crystal was surrounded by very tiny clover that appeared out of nowhere. I have none anywhere else in my yard at all, and have not had any grow since. The

Eucalyptus pods had fallen

from a nearby grove onto 

the partial grass area and

13 acorns that had fallen  

around the circle during the



I moved the remainder of

thepods inside to create a

more exact circle as I

giggled and thanked them

for leaving me such tangible

proof of their existence. 

They use circles and portals -

to slip between the worlds;

living as they do; mostly 

around 3.8 Dimension, but

aren't to be limited by that.


I asked my girlfriend, Alex

to come as a witness and

take a picture of this

magical fairy circle.  I had

been feeling very sad 

because I had recently

moved out of a county that I

have adored and lived in

since I was three years old.


I don't see fairies yet, but I said out loud and telepathically to the wild kingdom of my back creek yard and home that I had just left; "Hi fairies. I love you and am so thankful for all that you have done and do for nature, the animals, our planet, and beyond. Please feel free to follow me to my new home and bring friends that are compatible. You are welcome. Also, please know that you have an open invitation to come live in the hand made wooden fairy houses that will be in the corner of my living room, and in my new office, as well as the other garden houses and play areas I will create for you outside in the backyard. I dedicate my new home to your grand Fae and elemental kingdom. I promise to honor and feed and leave pure water for the squirrels, birds, wild cats, wild turkeys, possums, raccoons, and other traveling creatures that you send. I will pick up trash wherever I find it, recycle, and plant flowers, and keep them flourishing as best I can. I honor the living wise trees and all of you as sacred unique beings. May sparkle and joy be added to all who may step a paw, wing, or foot on and around our home." (See pics below of fairy houses and

ideas to inspire your children and neighbors). 


If you see a faery ring

In a field of grass,

Very lightly step around,

Tip-toe as you pass.

Last night fairies frolicked here

And they're sleeping somewhere near.

If you see a tiny fairy,

Lying fast asleep -

Shut your eyes

And slip away;

Do not stay to peek,

Nor do not tell.

Ne'er break the faery spell.         -William Shakespeare

After moving, on the second day, the fairies sent the first squirrel-scout to come check me out. I asked him if I could call him Chip, and he seemed to like the name. I told Chip that I would enjoy meeting his friends and family and will feed them organic almonds, as long as they did not steal all the birdseed. I soon was surrounded by the beautiful singing of many songbirds and everyone got along. In no time,

his family of five arrived and agreed to gently eat almonds from my hand - (as you can see from Mr. Tummy on the right).


  See both tree elementals in the 'shopped' photo Below? 

One squirrel eating at tree box, two deer friends and alpha Bengal cat, Tiger-Scout'

on patrol ...

The extraordinary real photos below of fairies are from the

wondrous website:

To see more, view YouTube: The Ultimate 'Real Fairy' Video; 

A collection of photographs of real fairies and a variety

of winged Light-Beings from Planet Dove's Journal.

A very shy, sensitive Tree Fairy thanked James Gilliland for planting so many trees on his land. This sweet fairy was cautious because she finds human energy too strong for her. Can you make out the interesting face?

You might enjoy watching the documentary 

Below are items I fashioned for the fairies and am posting them here for fun ideas for you to do as a creative project for a school with your friends or children. The fairies, gnomes, and elves appreciate your efforts and DO pay attention. Below is a simple outdoor, under-the-eaves wooden tray where I placed a fairy gathering place including a gypsy wagon with a front door that opens and closes (Orchard Hardware). Make sure their abodes have open doors and windows - they hate to feel trapped. They also do not like metal much; especially iron.

Dictionary - "The Fae, Faerie, or Fairy are a "host of super-natural beings who occupy a region between earth & heaven". 


****Yoda Fae HouseIMG_1082.jpg

This is my Yoda/Fae home at my office. As you can see, there are no shut doors and lots of open space so they do not have to de-materialize or re-materialize to enter and exit. They get frustrated and they take more risk if doors & windows are not left open. 

A sampling of what I typically leave out for the faeries to eat. Organic honey, pure water, fruit, and seeds or nuts they love. They appreciate new food on the 4 monthly phases of the moon, & the changes of the seasons but it is not absolutely necessary. (As with humans, don't overdue sweets; not good for them:)

The magical fairy blows fairy dust onto guests when they enter through the front door portal to the real world(below right)

I was spending a lot of time with a very intuitive man who I was contemplating doing business with. We would meet two full days a week in my living room (one of the shared abodes of the fairies). He told me a couple of days before that he saw one flit past me towards their wooden house. (See pictures as you scroll down.)


One night, I noticed the doorbell wouldn't work which makes a very long and loud chime sound. Then, an hour or so later, I would check it and it would be working again. I had a hunch that the fairies might be being a bit mischievous because they are generally very skilled at controlling the "fire" element and playing with electricity. Next, I noticed the bulbs were flickering on my indoor stairwell and then would stop. I intuitively felt like the fairies may be trying to get my attention for some reason, but I more or less ignored it/them, and spoke out loud, 'If that's you guys playing around - very funny.'

(I'm 1/4 Irish and don't mind a bit of mischievousness.)


The next morning, I invite this friend to go to the beach with me because I needed a work break and a walk by the ocean. My roommate, Justine and I, were waiting for him to arrive and were talking in the living room, only eight feet from the front door. He never arrived. That was unlike him; being always punctual. (Being highly sensitive he owns no cell phone so I couldn't call him). 


About an hour later, he calls me from his home to ask me where I have been; he was concerned. I said, 'What are you talking about? I have been waiting for you and you never arrived - what's the deal?' He said, "I DID come to your house and knocked very loudly, rang the doorbell numerous times, looked over the fence and no one was in your house. I kept trying for 15 minutes, then left and just arrived back home to call you on Skype."


I responded, "That is too weird because I have my roommate here as a witness, and no one knocked on our door or rang bells or anything else. My guess is that maybe we were put in a slightly out-of-phase 'parallel reality', perhaps caused by the fairies. There is no other explanation I can come up with for this?


He could feel and hear my disappointment and responded compassionately, "Interesting. I could drive over to you again if you still want to go to the beach."  


Cheering up,  I responded, 'Okay, thanks - I'll see you in a half hour.'


In the meantime, the thought of fairies kept popping into my head ... and I went out to try the doorbell and it was now working. I turned on the stairwell light and it was fine and bright; not flickering. I know they can get upset or angry if offended in some way. Listen to my radio show Episode #12. I just 'knew' they had thrown him and me into separate parallels for some reason. It was blatant and very strange. I wasn't mad at them - just curious. It was the first time I had experienced anything like that!


When my friend arrived again, this time the doorbell worked for him. As I opened the door, he said, "Did you figure it out yet?" I said, 'Not really, but it feels like we were put into a parallel ...'


He interrupted and said, "The fairies didn't want you to spend time with me. They are jealous and you need to play with them."  Talk about right-on! I was once again impressed by his intuitive ability and we both had a good laugh. They certainly got my attention.


As I was leaving, I told the fairies out loud,  "I'm sorry fairies. I need to be by the ocean. We got your message loud and clear - very clever. You can come with us to the beach or I will play with you when I get home, I promise. Here's some fresh organic honey for you until then ... so please behave!" (They understand English and of course are telepathic. They prefer you speak out loud if you are not practiced in telepathy like they are).


Since then, all has been well.

P.S. I told the fairies I needed a feather for energy work. It arrived two days later on my back patio. There has never been a feather anywhere anytime in the 1 1/2 years since  I have been living here. I giggled and told them, 'Thank you so much but I wasn't clear. I need a little bigger one if you can manage it.'  The very next day it arrived; identical black and white beautiful feather but this one bigger ... so much fun! ...

It's Simply Elementals, My Dear radio show (Episode #12)

includes questions and answers I have had with several

very knowledgeable and profound people who have had

their own elemental(s) for quite some time. I consider it an honor

indeed; to have their cooperation, and you would be truly

shocked to find out how many Royals and elites have their own Fairy or Sprite companion. 

Most of the Fae say it is time now to share again with humans

about the truth of their heritage and long-aged history. For those that are open; they will start becoming more active and visible with, as longs you have positive energy.


They are very definite in what they like and dislike. I answer many long-time curiosities and corrected some misnomers on my radio show Episode #12.

What are elementals you may ask? They are interdimensional aspects of the Angelic/Devic kingdom; often known as Fae, fairies, sprites, gnomes, elves, brownies ... One of the largest populations is called the Sidhe (pronounced Shee); the People of the Mounds. Some of these were actually ETs. Many can be helpers and lovers of nature on our planet, and throughout the universe. They can manipulate the weather and elements; fire, air, water, earth, and ether (space). They each have unique and dazzling abilities, with mischievousness and moodiness thrown in if they are not respected.


It is time for us humans to remember, and work more consciously together again. You will be surprised to eventually learn that many humans share their DNA; one of the original human genetic lines! They are family and Fae are a part of our original Source energy. Earn their trust, if you wish - by doing sincere consistent actions for their beloved planet earth and them, and have 'clean' energy. I share with you on the show what those simple actions are, as well as true success stories from listeners and readers who have followed this advice.


I have my own troop of Fae at my home and at my office. Listen to Episode 12# here.

I set my indoor fairy OPEN home high up on a pedestal in a corner of my living room on a wooden circular turntable, by a patio window. Yes, fairies naturally like outdoors, yet some are content living indoors. They prefer their homes made from natural wood, moss, shells, stones, sea glass ... as you can see above. They prefer food left for them in shells or abalone dishes. They do not like wind chimes as most people believe, nor electronic equipment like a motor or cell phones near where their abode is. 

I visualized a two-story natural wood fairy house to either buy or make for the elementals. The next day, taking an action step in that direction - (always important), I went to a very magical store in San Francisco. The EXACT house that I visualized was in the window, along with several other ones, hand-made by a wonderful local artist. The owner told me that they had just arrived yesterday and the artist had even built some couches and chairs to go inside. Fun! 

Sculpture 2020-09-30 at 9.34.20 PM.png

   Fairies will approach almost every newborn to see if they  wish to engage. They will often  show up as small orbs of light. When they travel very fast, they look like this one below, zig-zagging at warp speed. Cats, some dogs, and babies see them all the time - as you see below.

Please visit my Orbwhispering page by clicking here. You will actually see a short video where an orb of light changes into a fairy at super-high speed after being asked to do so by my friend Michael Wilson. He's watching them on his laptop and also sees them out of the corner of his eyes; like many people can do. You will see a flash of wings at the lower right corner of the video screen. 

What may be surprising to many readers is how many people, (if you ask them privately), have had mystical experiences. Yet, most people think they are alone in this. You most assuredly are not. We all want to be accepted and most have been conditioned to fear ridicule. So...we don't honestly share our authentic selves.

As of the latest national poll; 57% of people believe in the existence of extraterrestrials and other beings, and the % was higher when polls were taken on the street; 78% !  That's a BIG change from only ten to 15 years ago.

We need to shift that old fear of ostracism if we are going to allow ourselves to become a more advanced,

telepathically-connected and wise society.

Nature is already telepathic.


Did you know that it has been scientifically demonstrated that trees talk to one another?

See Plantwhispering

I invite you to read more about that under the sub-

headings Animalwhispering, Plantwhispering, and 

Waterwhispering, under the Bodywhispering banner.


You will find out that plants, animals, Fae/fairies/

elementals and ET species are all telepathic.

In fact, everything is conscious and connected!   

I hope you enjoy the real photos of fairies. It is time to regain their trust, take care of Gaia Mother Earth, and live again consciously side by-side. Humans will be meeting more soon. Stay open!
Photos of real fairies taken by British Professor, John Hyatt

Below is where the Fairy-Humans sleep with their faery-folk friends. Since the elementals can control the weather; it is usually beautiful except, when the sprites wish to play and revel within the lightening storms - one of their forms of 'sex'.

 I recommend two fun, easy-to-read books: Summer With The Leprechauns - A True Story

      by Tanis Hellawell, M.Ed.

                                      &                                     The Secret Lives of Elves & Faeries -

From the Private Journal of The Rev. Robert Kirk

One hide-out where the Leprachauns hid their pot of gold and other treasures

   Tintagel - King Arthur's castle ruins

The beautiful photo above is one of the
secret places where the Fairy-Humans
play with their elemental brethren.

Gorgeous 7'8" Elven Woman - Randy Kramer

(He apologizes for black line  through  screen)

                  Dragon Moth created by Kim Rhodes

Guess who? JR Tolkien was an insider who knew much and was introducing the Elven species to you.

Here is a very sacred secret & little-known fact.

There ARE indeed Fairy-Humans on earth. Did you know there is a way to tell by examining their DNA? Fairy-Human DNA is different from earth-human DNA because it contains 'floaters'.


When microscopically looking at their DNA, there will be segments of their DNA that float; they (fade) in and out of this reality. They also have this ability in corporeal form; to appear and disappear; moving in and out of 3rd dimension; a kind of phase-shifting. 

On the radio show, I explain why it is dangerous for Fae to become corporeal. 

**Fairy Village with 11 fairy houses & f
**IMG1049 2020-09-27 at 2.01.00 PM.png

11 fairy houses, stores & meeting place with wooden table and  chairs dedicated

for the fairies to gather in my back yard. After 4 years, I asked them to leave me a sign and this fairy wing was left on my doorstep the next a.m. 

                     A Fairy Wing !!! >

Fairy Wing #2 2020-09-27 at 2.45.16 PM.p
**IMG1047 2020-09-27 at 1.57.32 PM.png
Fairy Wing #1` 2020-09-27 at 2.45.36 PM.

Little fairy bench on right among succulents for them to sit on >

My dragon egg-hatching area for the fairies & their dragon friends >    

**IMG1045. 2020-09-27 at 1.55.31 PM.png
**IMG1044  2020-09-27 at 2.17.42 PM.png





 <Portal made of seaglass and stones for the Gnomes

                         Actual Fae/Fairy photo

**IMG1050 2020-09-27 at 2.02.11 PM.png
DNA and X-ray was confirmed to be non-human; unrecognizable
for any known creature.

Outdoor sculpture from Toscano Designs

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