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EARTH GAME MASTERY - Human Origins & Journey

*Please note: New Improved Versions of these 4  shows can be found on my new site, Cosmic Brilliance, YouTube. 
Part 1 - Explains the Origins of our   galactic history and extended family; elucidating the over-all purpose of this challenging earth 'game' or university.
(We apologize for some microphone sound distortion the 1st five minutes of the show.)
Part 2 - Briefly reviews Origin, the Founders, the overall Big Picture, and introduces the first 2 key ET species that are our ancestors. Shared are their roles, agendas, and the lessons we've gleaned from their actions as a young species. 

READERS INPUT:  Merrily, when someone breaks their own silence; that person becomes like a candle to others. You are beautiful in your videos and your message is NOW! Thanks for sharing, Suzan Dallé, Vision Therapist, Ca.























Hi Merrily,


It's been a while, and it was great to receive your email invitational link to watch your Part 3 - Earth Game Mastery video. You asked me to offer constructive criticism, but frankly, there's very little and ... it's very human.


1. You have found exactly what you’re here to do. For all the years that I’ve known you, you’ve been a healer. At the same time, your long interest in the 'Big Picture,' ETs, and in reminding us how unlimited we truly are, was a driver in your thinking and your healing. This video (I’ve not watched Parts 1, 2 or 4 yet, but I will); integrates the parts of you that were always there but hadn’t gone public yet. It’s so very clear that through that integration, you’ve found a place as an even more magnificent healer than you always were.


2. Your voice heals. You’ve always had a mellifluous voice but what I noticed most in listening to you is that, you’re using your voice to heal. It’s particularly interesting because your voice moves and changes in the 'dimensions'. I could sense when you were speaking from your 5th dimension perspective or in your 3-D perspective (as you described them).


3. You’re comprehensive. The structure of your talk was beautifully constructed - particularly given you had so much content to review and touch upon before you could go forward. You not only helped out us newbies, but you gave exactly the reminders required for those who had already seen the preceding two videos - to get them back to where they needed to be; in order to be open to what you were offering in Part 3, and also apparently, in your additional upcoming episodes - Part 4 - Favorite Healing Tools for Integration practicum.


Now for the constructive criticism - and it’s all business:

In your never-ending generosity, you promote everyone and everything else, but give little time or attention to what you offer. (Your 'first in-the-making new website'  by the way, is gorgeous, and I happily subscribed). When you spoke in the video on the tools you were presenting, you mentioned everyone else’s sites from which the information originated, but not yours. Your site is already so very rich with information - and I hope you let your subscribers know of your 40-years as an expert healer; including your Bodywhispering  expertise! You gave very little biographical background about your comprehensive skill sets. Let your readers and viewers know that you are a multi-modal, multi-dimensional, integrative healer.


Your words were exactly what I needed right now ... and will continue to apply. The challenges you laid out and the healing that is required so resonated for me, that at times, it was as if we were in the room together and you were speaking only and directly to me. You gave me tools to heal myself because you trust me (and others); to take responsibility and be able to do what we need to do to heal ourselves. With those tools that you synthesized as being some of the best; I can help bring that light and clarity to the rest of the world that I touch.


We all need clarity and I look forward to the ways that those healing tools will integrate and settle within me. Integrating all that will allow me, as you say on your site; to Remember My Divinity; Access My Potential; & Honor My Soul’s Purpose.


I'm going forward - more than ever now. Thank you Merrily! 

       - Leslie Kossoff, Int'l. Executive Adviser, specializing in next-generation thinking strategy for executives. Former  executive in the aerospace/defense and pharmaceutical industries, and award winning author and speaker. L.A., CA.

Part 3 - Introducing the four ET remaining key species (star families), that are our ancient ancestors, along with their agendas, and the 3 wounds from each of the 6 species; covering 18 wounds that we inherited from each star family.
Part 4 - My 5 favorite Healing Tools for Integration (and their Urls), to help you   transmute the 18 major wounds we inherited from our ET ancestors. I take you through one of these tools as a mini-practicum in the last 20 minutes. 

"Thank you Merrily. I am in the process of listening to your Part-3 interview video. Thank you so much for this clear, lighter, and funnier recollection of our ancient star lineage. I think it's the first time I can actually begin to picture what has happened, what is happening, and most of all, what I can actually do about it within my self right now in this crucial time at every moment...It motivated me to get to the emotional archetypes clearing - Big Time! Thanks again for your good work." -  Frederique

Into the wind; face your challenges

head-on & heart-strong. I'm here to help.


Please feel free to watch Part 4 EGM video above, to learn at least one of the five favorite healing tools which help integrate your thoughts and emotions with the body.


I would love to hear of YOUR success with

your tools of choice.

E-mail me!

Updating Angels for Higher Earth format:   Freedom, Compassion, Honor & Equality

     We are eternal, immortal beings          playing out the 'illusion' of limitation.

By December 21, 2012, we were in alignment with the galactic center. The photo on the right exemplifies the photonic Light pulsations that arise from the 'Central Sun' and are sent out to our sun. Then, our sun sends the information on to our planets.

Photons = Light = Information

The information for earth and our planets from the Great Central Sun/Source is "Prepare for the New Reset; the raising of awareness for the personal and planetary frequency shift into greater Freedom for all.                                    It is imminent!"








We on earth, have been holding the rest of the solar system and two other galaxies (Pegasus and Andromeda) from evolving. Now is the 'grand cycle' timing. We can assist by focusing on a positive vision of our shifting world; individually and in small groups.


Ask yourself, "What do I want for myself, my dreams for my family, my community, and the world - that would contribute to equality, freedom and greater ease for all?" Focus on this vision, as the earth herself chooses to take her next long-awaited step in evolutionary growth. We have waited for the 2012 Reset for over one million years.

What does this look like? ... living a more co-creator-like existence; in alignment as One Family with other beings such as plants, animal, Fae and Human Essence, and benevolent Extraterrestrial star families. The new Format is: Freedom, Compassion, Honor & Equality for All!  (See Densities on EGM page.)


This is why we all are here now ...

The MILKY WAY (feminine) and ANDROMEDA

(male) GALAXIES are connecting at this galactic grand cycle transformative time.

This is a also a metaphor for what humanity on earth is doing right now.


The photo above is a beautiful symbol reminding us to focus our attention on mastering the dynamic balance needed for integrating this old worn out polarity game. You will be asked to let go of fears and prejudices to embrace unity in diversity. For Oneness is the Truth of our Being.

May this path take you beyond the initial sensational and fear-riddled perspectives that are common among UFO, ET, and Hidden Mysteries readers and researchers. May you also not be constrained by the dogma of traditional religions, schooling, or mainstream news when exploring and questioning the larger reality in which we all dwell ... inclusion, not illusion. Attention, Intention, and No Tension is key.


Take three simple breaths and let out slowly. On the last breath, relax and allow yourself to flow inside yourself more gracefully. You can allow your consciousness to float out into the Field to access whatever you want or need to. The Field is designed to support you & take you where you want to go. Practice & play with this. You're Source playing & exploring. 


Creation as a whole is literally being Reset. What does this mean? There will no longer be the rules of abuse and worship in order to evolve through suffering and hardship. You will be given clearer access. The controls will be brought down. Old dysfunctional & greed-motivated systems will implode and we will flourish anew - Free as we were meant to be!

        The 'Hand of Creator/Source'          the pulsation recorded in Centaurus; taken by the Chandra X-ray Telescope.  8/1/2006

The fundamental choice that enables true leadership in all the choice to serve life ... In a deep sense, my capacity as a leader comes from my choice to allow life to unfold through me...This is a commitment of being, not merely a commitment of doing. When this new type of commitment begins to operate; there is a flow around us. Things just seem to happen ... People tend to elevate synchronicity into a sort of magical, mystical experience. In fact, it is very down to earth ... If we were not making such an immense effort to separate ourselves from life; we might actually live life day by day, minute by minute - as a series of predictable miracles.           - Joe Jaworski

With every measurement set by an experimenter's free will,

the world is shaped a little as it participates in a moment of birth.

In this way, we become active contributors to the ongoing creation of the universe.

- Fuchs

 Fierce Unfurling Divinity
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