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 10/29/2020 Ep.14: Animalwhispering:
Learn How to Better Communicate with Your
Pets & All Animals - Part One
 10/15/2020 Ep.13: It's Simply Elementals, My Dear, Part 2
 Allow More Magical Days of Awe & Wonder Into Life
with Merrily answering caller & emailed Qs
 10/1/2020 Ep.12: It's Simply Elementals, My Dear
 Allow More Magical Days of Awe & Wonder Into Life
with Merrily answering caller & emailed Qs
 9/17/2020 Ep.11: Relevant Reincarnation Facts to
Know  & Who Your New Children Really Are
with Merrily answering emailed Qs
9/3/2020 Ep.10: Sharing Wisdom with the Departed
          with Merrily answering emailed Qs
8/20/2020 Ep.9: Afraid of death or dying? Listen
                       with Near-Death expert, Dan Drasin
8/6/2020 Ep. 8: Inside The Earth  -  Meet Inner Earth Civilizations & Discover How Multiple ET Civilizations Steered the DNA of Humans to a Higher State Part 2
             with Space-Time Researcher Peter Moon
7/23/2020 Ep.7: Ancient Archaeology Meets
Future Science: Part 1  
with Space-Time Researcher Peter Moon
7/9/2020 Ep.6: Deep & Rare questions asked about the Soul/ATMA; 
The Soul's Design, Capabilities & Sound for
Telepathic Connection with Creator & Higher Realms
with guest Scott Lemriel
6/25/2020 Ep.5: Does ‘Intelligent’ Water Really Exist?  YES!   Listen in to hear about Divinia 4th Phase Water with six Benefits & Truly Unique Properties for Detoxing & Health!
6/11/2020 Ep.4: Human DNA Q: Is past Human DNA Tampering Reversible?  How Do We Reverse it To Access Full Abilities & Knowingness of Who We Are?
Direct Experience Soul Journey Meditation & Q&A
 with guest Scott Lemriel
5/28/2020 Ep.3: Access Your Soul/ Higher Consciousness
Through Direct Knowing Experience, and Soul
Journey to Directly Experience Higher Realities
                              with unique guest Scott Lemriel                                     Direct Experience Soul Journey Meditation               only 23 minutes
Access Your Soul through Guided Journey
5/28/2020 Ep.3: Access Your Soul/Higher Consciousness Through Direct Knowing Experience, and  Soul Journey to Directly Experience Higher Realities - Full Version
                                  with unique guest Scott Lemriel 

Scott Lemriel is known worldwide as the direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, international speaker, and all-around Renaissance man. He is also a book and screenplay author, actor, producer, music composer, and director of 50 weekly TV shows with the theme "Exploring Your Spiritual Life."

4/23/2020 Ep. 2: The Anticipated Reset Timeline, 3 Simple Keys To Manifesting & A Guided Journey to Access
and Bring 'Back' Talents For Your Present Self
3/26/2020 Ep. 1: Introductory Radio Show:
Merrily Describes First Experience of "Higher Knowingness” while Healing three no-cure-for diseases from Africa,
Knowing You are a Co-Creator & You Always Have Choice 

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