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  Earth Game Mastery for Integration:  4-Part Series
This Earth Game Mastery 4-part series begins with Part 1; originally aired live on November 23, 2015,  with's host, JoAnn.  Watch the updated version now at
Cosmic Brilliance, You Tube.
Understandable explanations of the 18 wounds we've inherited
from the earliest stages of our galactic family. 
Learn about the "polarity game" of Creator/Source & the Founders.
Discover our 6 key ET star family species.
Archetypal Roles and Agendas these 6 ancestral species took on 
 Recognize 18 dysfunctions that Earth/Terran humans inherited
so that we can consciously integrate and heal them now. 
Updated accurate (2022) drawings of each
Galactic Family Species provided by
Galactic Federation of Worlds official emissary, Elena Danaan.
Easy-to-follow ancestral ET colonization & migration flow chart is provided as well. 
    Part 4 - Five favorite self-healing techniques
   to allow integration of past and present wounds faster! 
Please watch all 4 parts in order.

If you wish to discover more, please view my 4-part video debut on, titled Earth Game Mastery  

Click here to view Part 1 titled EDH #7           Click here to view Part 2 titled EDH #13

Click here to view Part 3 titled EDH #16         Click here to view Part 4 titled EDH #21's host is Jo Ann, whose husband was in the Secret Space Program, (SSP)

Q&A from Part 1:   
You mentioned cat ETs. Do dog ETs exist?

​Yes, according to a past Captain of one of the Secret Space Programs, 'Canisions are a merchant canine species using an earth base we built them in Australia in exchange for things like technology that we need. They are five to six feet upright walking dog humanoids with hounddog faces and long ears. Stormpaw is the name of a top pirate merchant engaged in trading interstellar items, such as highly prized chocolate and coffee.



Please Note Part 2, aired live on January 18, 2016, News and Clues, EDH #13, started with a 15-minute review of Part 1, and continued with the last four key ET races that most profoundly influenced the beginnings of our human race. Some insightful stories highlighting their physical characteristics, attitudes towards us, and how they/we participated in the Founder's "Grand Galactic Experiment" were offered. My approach is generally a positive one. We have been fairly successful making it through many challenges that occur in many younger species evolutionary growth cycles; especially ones that are given 'free will'. So much has shifted in this last decade and will continue to do so - contributing to greater freedom; as more people awaken to who they truly are, and the big picture view that perspective encompasses. 

Q&A from Part 2:

Would you describe the difference between third, fourth, and fifth density/dimension?

Ultimately, there are an infinite amount of dimensions. Dimensions have octaves. They are fractals. It is not so much about ascending up the dimensions or descending down. It's about the integration of the whole of ourselves!

Here is the best definitions I have gleaned from various research. Since December 21, 2012, many of us have chosen to transition from 3rd through 4th Density, which is an interim platform for arriving at 5th Density. It will be more comfortable to stabilize and hold our center at 5th Density. Please consider that we can be at all densities simultaneously, whether you consider just 12 densities or, actually an infinite number. The part of your Oversoul/Higher Self aspect you call 'me' is generally only aware of the 3rd Density because it takes so much focus to be here. In truth, we are all multidimensional.

In the future, the cause of many psychological disorders will be understood to stem from the challenge and struggle of integrating the larger awareness of one's multidimensionality into a limited 3rd Density perspective.


Characteristics of 3rd Density:

  1. Time feels real and is designed & agreed upon as linear.

  2. We don’t remember who we are due to a veil of forgetfulness. (Causes of this forgetfulness will be explained elsewhere in this website).

  3. Therefore, you believe you are separate from Source (and others), and pain arises from this.

  4. 3rd D is the most dense and 'physical' experience that is possible in an incarnational cycle; where the tendency is to get lost in sensate feelings and habitual habits or addictions.

  5. Because of our linear "Time" agreement, you have a time lapse between your thoughts and them manifesting - fortunately! Time will appear to speed up now.

  6. You are all volunteers for this challenging game. You are not victims and aren’t being punished, and you’re not unevolved. Your Oversoul sent an aspect/shard of itself to incarnate here called "you" - into a young species, for the experience of human evolutionary growth.

  7. Victim/Perpetrator paradigms have been played out forever on earth's 3rd Density; as well as huge amounts of programming. Most have been asleep to this and are awakening now.

  8. Duality Game – right and wrong, good and bad, male and female has been played out for contrast experience, and is extremely polarized.

  9. Unity through Diversity challenge...we are indeed the zoo planet; with multitudinous diversities of plants, animals, DNA ... plus an abundance of minerals and water. Many species find access to all of the above attractive.

  10. The experience of your body is one of density, solidity, and mass. This is not true reality, but played out by the masses' standard education and conditioning at this time.

Generally, passing from 3rd to 4th Density requires mastering the lessons of 3rd D; survival, 'karma' and, being an individuated being; yet compassionate towards harmonizing to group consensus.


Moving to 4th D. collectively is like transitioning into a mode of existence from physical to more ethereal energetic awareness and sensitivities. 


You gain a greater sense of freedom and clarity about how this world became a polarity game; divided by self-serving viewpoints and key ET groups agendas. As we put the puzzle pieces together; humanity can and will liberate ourselves from thousands and thousands of years of disempowered, programmed teachings.

Part 3 aired live on February 15, 2016 

News and Clues, EDH #16,Clues, EDH #16; I discussed three major wounds from each of the six ET species, that humans inherited both genetically and behaviorally. You will most assuredly find yourself relating to these eighteen wounds. There are actually around 60-100 wounds according to Lyssa Royal, who channeled this information. That explains the amazing, courageous challenge we, as co-creators took on; to finally integrate and balance thousands upon thousands of years of ancestral species challenges and dysfunctions. 

Understanding the origin of our archetypal ancestral roles, traits, and behavior patterns are so helpful and necessary for healing; no different than cleaning out any physical wound we may have. By addressing and cleaning the wound down to its source, what I call "back engineering" - little festering occurs and faster healing is therefore possible. When our conscious mind understands the how, when, and why these unconscious or subconscious wounds and behaviors were created (beyond just your current lifetime parental/familial patterns); the easier it is to integrate and let go of the victim/perpetrator paradigm.

A renewed understanding of our (ET) forefather's and foremother's agendas; some innocent, some not so innocent - allows greater compassion to come forth; both for them and us.There really is no other in the highest reality. We all are One Being, playing out individuation in a free-will universe for maximum evolutionary growth, shared with and by all. 

Characteristics of 5th Density:

  1. More multidimensional experience of self & awareness. There's easier access to different aspects/shards of your Oversoul.

  2. You know you are One with everyone and everything else in Creation; while still appreciating uniqueness.

  3. You're not limited by time/space concepts so you have much faster manifestations from your creative thoughts.

  4. Your abilities come 'online' more fully; instantaneous healing, telepathy, knowing, awareness of time being fluid and parallel lives, astral travel, lucid dreams, and synchronicities are more common.

  5. You have a less dense physical body and therefore, are able to shift conditions faster; and mental concepts are more evolved.

  6. No more victim/perpetrator projections; we take more responsibility for co-creating reality; as we are more free.

  7. Less judging, more discerning. As soon as you judge, you have polarized and your frequency drops!

  8. More awareness of your 'Light bodies' and you are more fluidly perceptual in them.

  9. What you considered miracles in 3rd Density are considered normal (higher science) and easier in 5th D. 

  10. Time travel = time does not exist as such; timelessness.

  11. Compassion for all beings.

Characteristics of 4th Density:

  1. Think of this as a transition zone, because 3rd D and 5th D. belief systems are very different, and you need time to bounce back and forth between two realities to adjust. It can create dizziness, vertigo, disorientation, and loss of time.

  2. Mid-4th D is more about integration and acceptance rather than separation and fear.

  3. You are slowly remembering (like ND'ers), that you are a multidimensional consciousness.

  4. Your ego that kept you grounded in 3rd D, is having to take a back seat; allowing more perception of your holographic nature to arise.

  5. More of your natural abilities start to come online due to incorporating higher frequencies from being in the galactic center photonic Light energies and star alignments. Our Sun’s rays and photonic Light-Instruction packets from the Great Central Sun, assist more of your God-given abilities like telemetry, remote viewing, instantaneous healing, telekinesis, telepathy, less time influence between creative thoughts to manifesting outcomes, more synchronicities manifesting, clairvoyance, clairaudience,  clairsentience and claircognizance to activate.

  6. There's more openness for your body containing more Light and less denseness - yet still 'physical'. There's more awareness in general about all things such as, eating life-giving foods and eschewing environmental toxins.

  7. There is greater awareness of (the matrix); lower controlling entities (lower 4D) that have affected 3 D reality; consequently the need to transmute anxieties and fear.

4-year prodigy, Akiane Kramarik, received visions and communciation from God to paint. See link:
You Tube: 12 yr. old girl paints Heaven. Unbelievable!

For help with integrating wounds, watch Part 4 News and Clues, EDH #21 


Five favorite, simple, and yet profound healing techniques were compiled for you to integrate wounds with ease. (Website urls are provided for reference.) You are also welcome to contact me for greater clarity or assistance. I have practiced all of these and continue to be an advocate for the efficacy of them and their ability to quickly shift various conditions; if you are open and allow healing to occur.


After contemplating and understanding why you are here, what you took on, and the importance of prioritizing integration; it will be so much easier to achieve your life's over-arching purpose - Earth Game Mastery.

Q&A from Part 3:

If this whole 'game' was truly created out of All Consciousness being perhaps 'bored' - wanting to experiment with separating parts of itself off ... then that means that all the suffering of this physical world is a byproduct of that experiment and game. How is that just? How can that be?

I understand how you feel about this. I believe no one has incarnated to do this without agreement. In the biggest picture, I believe it was 'Our' idea to create an ultimate challenge game for soul growth and mastery; because we are ONE WITH SOURCE. Who is doing all this and created this? WE DID!


Remember you make agreements before incarnating from 'the other side' - from a place of knowing you are infinite, immortal, and fearless. One lifetime is considered a blink of an eye from an 'Oversoul' perspective. I doubt very much that Consciousness is 'bored'.


Separating a piece of itself 'off', gives Creator perhaps an opportunity to experience the surprise of awe and wonder. Suffering usually comes from the stories we tell ourselves about a situation. We are learning that by challenging ourselves, we generally get stronger and grow as benevolent creators. Living and integrating diverse experiences, creates greater compassion.

Origin and all Source Entities are creators and, as creators (like us), they are part of the Whole. Why should they duplicate a creation that has been done before? (Another fascinating & super detailed perspective is Guy Needler's. Check out his website where you can watch his YouTubes and order books at


It may be helpful to think of how you would feel if you're a parent, and see your child suffering. As a parent or elder, you know that if a young adult rebels and does something that they want to do and are willful about it, they are probably going to have a difficult time and learn consequences ... the thought is that they need to do it for their own growth and, in most cases you cannot stop them. It doesn't mean you do not care or love them with all your heart, and wish to protect them. It also makes them stronger, but not necessarily healthier. We're given "free will". However...there's much more to this story.

Another interesting thought to contemplate is our assumption that, 'Source Entities' are perfect, rather than in a state of unfolding perfection. I am not convinced that anyone or anything is perfect. Maybe Creators can't predict or do not want to predict 'everything' that is going to happen in their creation. How does Source 'surprise' itself - creating a sense of wonder and awe for Itself?


Finding peace with paradox is a form of divine alchemy.


Please see my SuperSoulSolutions.TV 12-part series answering 67 key questions on Creator, Creation and Humanity!

You mentioned 'God or Source grows through us'.

Can you elaborate on that more?

Yes, God grows through us and as us. How do we grow? We grow through challenges and new experiences. That of course, does not mean that it's easy. It's a lot harder once we incarnated here into a 'dumbed down' 3rd Density reality. It wasn't that way originally, but for millions of years, we forgot a lot - like our multidimensionality, who we are, and how powerful we are as co-creators. That's a cause for much depression, a feeling of disconnection from Source, a cause for much addiction to drugs and other things ... sensing something is just not 'right'.

I don't think that was how we were at the beginning of life on earth here. I believe the bodies we had were the equivalent of 4th - 5th Density frequencies today, and it was easier for us to go in and out of our bodies at will. Various things happened to densify us more ...and perhaps the first original entities were not as selfless as we assume.  So, when we incarnated, our abilities were like a dim memory. We get very enamored by the five senses and lost in 'the movie' rather than able to maintain our perspective of a more witnessing role; or playing a part in a movie. The challenge of living is about being enough invested in life that you aren't lying in bed eating bonbons all day; yet not so invested that you loose yourself in it; (the game). 


Suffering is not necessary for growth but the mass consciousness has been conditioned that it is, and become addicted to the habit of fear. (especially those who watch mainstream news).  


We continually create suffering through the illusion of separation, competition, chemical addiction to fear, and agreeing to hierarchal dominance patterns - often influenced by the reactionary cellular memory of our physical animal form and a long history of programming and disempowerment - giving authority away to others. Suffering is perpetuated by the stories we tell ourselves about an incidence over and over again; not the emotion itself.


Also, a human tendency is to be dramatic; to not necessarily be motivated to really grow and change unless forced or in a desperate state.  Our species is known to wait until the last moment to pull itself through; (just like in our action movies). A common misbelief still held is; 'no pain, no gain'; so we perpetuate that ... until we don't.


Some over self-serving beings are being removed and our new format will be Compassion, Honor and Equality for all.

Eckhart Tolle defines suffering as: emotion, plus the stories you tell yourself about them. Pure emotion, non judged, can be felt and dissipated fairly quickly. You can see this in small children. The stories our thoughts and ego keeps repeating justifying our pain, or our ego's self-righteousness, or that 'we are right' is what creates the suffering to continue. We are NO longer victims, even though many times we have felt victimized, most assuredly. We are now co-creators excepting the huge challenge of exploring the dynamic of this illusion of limitation which involved praising false gods and giving one's power away. We are mastering the art of dynamic balance. Nature survives by seeking homeostasis and so does your body.


As far as I am concerned, using the concept of simultaneity of time, we already are successful at this game. This jump in consciousness has been attempted five times before at different stages of humankind's history in past Golden Ages and not- so Golden ages. I believe we will accomplish it now. That was what Dec. 21, 2012 was about. It did shift us energetically because we had enough "conscious" people and evolved soul volunteers reincarnating onto this planet to exponentially raise the frequency for most people. We have maintained a positive timeline probability for several decades now.


                 The Cosmic Law of 'Free Will' allows humankind to collectively decide.

          Vote with your Free Will; think for yourself. Do not be intimidated by others.        As co-creators in respectful collaboration, focus on What you want to Create.

SOLUTION = Send a direct message to your Higher Self, and if appropriate for you; here's an example of what you may wish to say, clearly and strongly, while visualizing a red line crossing out whatever: fear, war, servitude through money, toxic drugs, air pollution etc.

"I vote NO to unacceptable politicians who do not represent me and to the suppression of free technologies, the false usury money system, and the poisoning of our water, air, and food. There are viable solutions and  I am not in compliance with any of these actions.

My Vote is NO to these unenlightened paradigms and old patterns. I support bringing forth now the technologies and healing modalities we already have 'underground'.

Truth and Freedom Will Be Victorious! So Be It. "  


I recently had an instantaneous physical healing by commanding a six-year knee injury that was painful off and on, to be healed. I said to my Higher Self in full authority, "This is unacceptable! I have contemplated, take responsibility, and see the reason for the knee pain and in No-w time, I Vote NO. This knee discomfort is no longer necessary for me to grow, and I command that my Higher Self, all parts of me, and my dear body, align now into perfect coherence. I shall rest now and when I arise in the morning, all is completely healed. So Be It."


I went to bed and woke up completely healed; a 3D miracle; yet a normal 5D Higher Self response. Our cells are conscious, our etheric DNA strands are integrating back into our physical body and we speak the truth with authority.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not 'harder' or 'bigger' than another. They are all the same. All expressions of Love are maximal. - Course In Miracles

 These things I do; ye shall do and more. - Jeshua Ben Joseph

I strongly feel that Source does not want worshipping supplicants. It is time to get off our knees, and stand strong as discerning, compassionate, and loving creators to 

'be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves'. - Yeshua Ben Joseph

Once a minority percentage of people Vote, not just for what they do not want; but more importantly for what they want to create - the message is directed to the Light Forces, Source, Twin Entities, and your Higher Self. Your soul vote is then received clearly and 'counted'. Only then, can assistance be given. The True Light Forces cannot interfere with our Free Will until we ask. Most Higher Beings choose to abide by Cosmic Law; except under extremely extenuating circumstances; (fear of nuclear annihilation). Some of the other species chose to break Cosmic Law and feel they will get away with it. Humans can be rebellious, yet compassionate -- often having 15 contradictory feelings and thoughts at the same time. This astounds other species and they are amazed we can still create within such an inner conflicting arena. That's why getting your mind, heart, feelings, and soul integrated/coherent is important. To learn how to do this: See my HeartMath demos on my Super Soul Support menu page.

            EYE OF GOD Nebula  - NASA                                 RED RECTANGLE NEBULA  -  Hubble       

Never think that only 'little ol' you' doesn't have the power to change reality. There have been many times, never more so than recently; where several empowered and honorable entities stayed true and strong to the Light, helping to create the new reality - for humanity to fulfill it's ultimate destiny; to be collectively free and and equal as One family.                                                                  Tacit Procurement Law: Silence or non-action is considered compliance


An empowering fact that has been challenging for us to remember in denser realities is this:

We are stronger and more powerful than we think. And, when we have a small group of people that agree to come together for a common vision and focus; envisioning together clearly like a laser beam; allowing no infighting, distractions, or infiltration to the group - WE CAN LITERALLY CHANGE REALITY ! (There are many scientific examples of this having occurred successfully). YOUR TRUE MEMORY IS RISING TO THE SURFACE and HUMANKIND IS AWAKENING AT A RAPID RATE; NO MATTER WHAT YOU MAY READ OR HEAR IN THE 'FEAR-BASED CONTROLLED' NEWS MEDIA.

(Please be advised: There are species who get a thrill creating fear and anger because they literally "feed" off those emotions.

Please See Part 4  for helpful tools to transform fears and emotions.

NOW IS the time to act, sending your vote clearly to your true source. Prepare to stand balanced and strong while the unraveling of old systems and maybe even old friendships happen around you in the world. It's the necessary healing process needed to begin a NEW paradigm; not just a new version of the same old paradigm. Accept nothing less. We shall 

co-create a New Earth! Earth is depending on us and has bared untold tortures for the sake of our growth. She is a conscious living being and we are being asked to hold the future positive vision of oneness while honoring diversity.                           Visit Planetwhispering here.

Be clear on what you are voting "NO" to and what you are voting "Yes" to. It's monitored, recorded and heard. Cosmic Law says, If you do not vote in your speech, thought, and actions, then you are agreeing and saying 'Yes' to a continued life of unnecessary labor, and the illusion of limitations, and lies that most have been conditioned to accept. By not voting consciously, self-servers can argue that you are accepting of your situation and have agreed through your complacency. Voting 'No' is not complaining. It is exercising your right and responsibility as compassionate and wise creators.


Higher Light Forces are continually surprised that 8 billion of us humans allow 1% of the population to make the rules, and we follow them; acting enslaved and allowing ourselves to be intimidated.  All old systems are breaking down as I write this - they do NOT work. They are founded on false and hierarchal outdated principles. They are not necessary and are no longer viable here, or on higher density realities. Keep integrating your fears and emotions, and understand that new creative systems have been and are being built by us. Suppressed free technologies, (I have seen them), and new inventions on every level will come forward as we do this in unison.


As I write this article, Audi is just coming forward with a 'clean fuel' called Sunfire that extracts hydrogen and CO2 from the air - absolutely non-polluting. By placing a simple silver disk on any car engine; it is transformed into a "free energy", non-petrol car. We humans are galactically known as inventive engineers and builders and are a resourceful, adaptable species. Those of you who are breaking levels of denial and naivete will soon discover that the answers we need and proof of these inventions that will free society have been kept hidden in the background for over 64 years. This is due predominately to us having been  programmed; working too hard to make a living, and not having time to research and self-inquire to discover or think for ourselves. 


We are choosing to have more elective time to contemplate reality and self-realization in a peaceful, nature environment. 

... Thus ... CV-19 quarantine arrives....


The old will be coming down. Do not panic; keep yourself stabilized through connection

with like-minded souls and center yourself out in nature. I am honored to be here on

earth with all of you at this most important time of planetary and soul transformation; the slow

transition from the Kali Yuga towards the Sat Yuga/Golden Age ... from the Piscean Age to the

Age of Aquarius ... from Source's out-breath to the in-breath - calling us to home - inside

ourselves. We can do this, and we will do this! I have always felt that most of me 'comes from

the future' where we are already successful. We can and will create Heaven on the New Earth!

Why are we here?

We are here for evolutionary growth, more variety, honing soul skills and ultimately to become greater compassionate creator beings while freeing our brethren whom have fallen asleep since the initial 'fall of consciousness' 220,000 years ago; the 2nd 'fall around 15,000 years ago and the 3rd phase 'fall' about 10,000 years ago. Many of you are volunteers (and Starseed), who came in response to Earth and Source's call for assistance to help raise the Consciousness on this planet. 


Victim/Perpetrator paradigms are one of the repetitive wounds of the ET ancestors and humans that we have inherited. We are more than our wounds. That which we have suppressed, avoided, or justified, will rise to the surface to be seen and felt at this time to be integrated.

Take responsibility and use my five favorite tools by watching, Part 4: Five Healing Tools for Integration 

or go to the page of that title on this website. Choose one of the five integration tools that most resonates with you.


Seek nature to balance, and remember to BREATHE DEEPLY with long slow exhales to feel your body, when feeling overwhelmed.  


I don't think suffering is something Source feels is necessary, nor do I feel it was IT'S original intent as a Source/Creator. It has been a byproduct of a new species' free will exploration (and some interference by other species who found earth as lovely and useful for their species needs and agendas - just as humans do). The Universe is inherently neutral and nature  re-balances herself when necessary.


There have been positive interventions when we were close to annihilation, but most won't ever know about them. Why? Because, humankind has a pattern of giving their power away to authority figures and, if over-helped or 'saved'; would just sit around in apathy, waiting. We all know true change is not done through violence. It is done through UNITING INTENTION and EMPOWERING OURSELVES. You are spirit in a body. You are immortal and eternal - there is nothing to fear. When you have millions of people becoming in-formed and saying "No" or "Enough";  the reality game board must change. The universe is inherently neutral and acts as a mirror. Our projections are our perceptions. Change those perceptions and reality must change. This is Universal Law.



And, let's stop freaking ourselves out by watching negative fear porn on mainstream news ... there are other ways to get "informed".  Keep your innocence but drop your naivete. Be of good cheer, and act like creators. It is imperative that we focus on what we want to create. Cosmic Law 1: What you focus on IS what you create.

What makes you believe this is a higher frequency age for the possibility of Ascension, than previous generations?

That is a great question. It depends if I answer from a linear 3D perspective or from a 5D more multi-dimensional perspective. I do not purport to have 'THE answer'. I can only share with you the information that I have gleaned from many other researchers, speakers, insiders, astronauts, super soldiers, scientists, near-deathers, mystics, and sensitives; reinforced by my own knowingness.

This jump in consciousness to a new game board with a higher frequency modus operandi, (what some refer to as Ascension), Reset, or the Quickening, literally has been talked about in no less that 35 different ancient civilizations, (according to David Wilcock's research, and actually Gaia ascended her- self in Dec 2012. We are just catching up now in 2022. Visit There have also been at least 5 other Golden Ages that we have lived through in our forgotten past. There are always cycles of differing lengths that repeat, yet spiral up.

They all talked about divine order and rhythm; with smaller cycles or ages of approximately 2,000 years each; (astrological, etc...), and larger universal and galactic cycles which consist of three sets of approximately 25,000 years each and even much longer than that.


Evidently, NOW is the end of a 75,000 year large cycle, (Grand Cycle) - the length of time offered by a live planet or the Universe to allow a species to move from one dimension/density to another 'higher' one which we call increased consciousness; thereby having an opportunity for a more evolved, peaceful, unified experience individually and collectively.

David Wilcock has written 3 bestsellers with over 1,000 scientific references per book; illustrating that every planet has literally dramatically changed (ie: getting warmer) in our solar system these last 20 years. If that ain't proof of shifting - nothing is. As you may know, the planets and Sun stars are all living beings, and communicate with one another as they spiral around their leader, the Sun as they all in communication move through space. The suns receive 'direction updates' from the Great Central Sun/Source in the center of our galaxy. To learn more about planet changes in our solar system, please visit my Planetwhispering page.

The Galactic Center

The most basic assumption that you have been conditioned to believe is: to never question or consider why you must pay for being on a planet you were born on. - Andromedan


This is not necessary, and considered unacceptable on most other planets. Most planets provide shelter, food, clothing and basics for everyone. Money is not necessary. Trade is done and work/service that you are passionate about is willingly and naturally performed maybe a few hours a day; whatever motivates you towards service while following your passions.

PLEASE NOTE: I will write shortly of High 4th-5th D planet governance and life styles. It can serve as a guidepost for you and your friend's envisioning; so that groups around the world can be aligned with similar positive and attainable focused visions. A vast number of people have had conscious contact with their Higher Self, ETs, Interdimensionals, Ultradimensionals, and Higher Celestial beings.


According to Emery Smith, there are four other planets that started a similar soul growth journey we did and they are more at peace. The difference and extra challenge that we have faced (unknowingly for most) is infiltration from some self-serving cunning and ruthless hybrids and species. (Caution is always advised because 4th D entities can masquerade as 'wise beings' in channeling sessions).

The acceleration of Consciousness actively started as a collective consciousness push during the 'Hippie' days and, initiated at the Harmonic Convergence in the 1980's; where thousands of people around the world participating in a common vision for a consciousness leap. The Mayan Calendar also illustrated that Dec. 21, 2012 would be when we as a solar system were closest to the galactic equator; entering a denser photonic area, whose Light (Light contains information) is designed to allow for greater acceleration for us and our DNA. The evidence and validation for this unique current transformative opportunity is substantiated by many historical sources, researchers, archeologists, astronomers, exopoliticians, anthropologists, archeologists, physicists, cosmologists, and mystics; and in some cases; direct contact with Galactic members of the Light. 


The Mayans, time travelers themselves, pointed to that date, Dec. 21, 2012, as being 'the end of time'. It is the 'end of 'time as we know it,' because we can choose to open and expand our beliefs and consciousness by going beyond the linear-time paradigm and move into a 'higher' multi-dimensional paradigm which allows for quicker manifestation (malleable time), less extreme polarities and emotional imbalances, and a more loving and satisfactory quality of life. Those that wish to continue experimenting with the addictions and seduction of greed, lust, selfishness, and false power may likely transition to another 3rd D planet to continue their primitive and fear-based control, because their vibration will not be able to accelerate upwards past the lower 4th dimension. So, most will be 'stuck' unless they sincerely choose to change. Massive arrests are taking place in secret. Much will be revealed of a larger plan in the making that will be very exciting and expansive for many.


Not everyone will choose this, and researchers like Dolores Cannon of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy fame, (visit QHHT page)talk about 'The Two Earths' being provided for humanity's free will choice. She says one will be at 3rd dimension that will allow those that want to consciously continue the extreme polarity game and lessons of hierarchal false power, greed, lust and fear, to do so. The other one that many of us are on - the more positive timeline; allows the passage through 4th Density into 5th density. We have managed to maintain a positive timeline for around fifteen years now, even though there were attempts to move us to cataclysmic disasters, timeline wars and WW-3 dramas; reverting back to the old time line. Most of us collectively 'voted NO for that'. (This voting usually happens in our sleep state or subconsciously when we are out of body.)


Fortunately, compassionate positive Light Forces and Light Workers both in and out of body have interceded behind the scenes collectively to stop several nuclear disaster attempts, as well as nullify the most toxic fallout from the Fukushima debacle that was a veiled threat to Japan. Also in July of 2012; we would have been mostly extinguished as humanity, had it not been for assistance from an advanced Mothership that bumped 3 huge CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) from the sun headed straight toward the earth. This allowed the CMEs to go between the earth and our moon; saving our lives. You were not told of this for 2 years in any kind of news, nor were you told who or what bumped them.

See New Science Breakthrough page that shows a UFO neutralizing some of the radiation and melt down that would have killed us from Fukishima. We have hidden technology that can clean up oceans in 2 weeks, and so much more.

You may enjoy the YouTubes of Emery Smith, Insider. (His 30-minute shows can also be found on which requires $99.00 a year payment to Gaia to access some of the best interviewers and a wealth of information you do NOT hear on mainlined scripted TV or news). Emery is one insider who gets you up-to-speed on all the things we really have. You cannot unify and ask/demand for all these benevolent healing inventions to be brought forward if you don't know they exist! This is your responsibility as a co-creator! Denying or ignoring life-saving truths is not an excuse. It is not hard to find out information that is not mainlined (as in drugging you down). You, as co-creators have choice. Venture forth.

It is time for our species to move out of adolescence into young adulthood. Taking responsibility also looks like getting truly informed and breaking denial, overwhelm, programming, and naivete. Stop listening to scripted fear porn on mainstream medias; and start to become informed about Free Energy devices (Nikola Tesla) and profound medical healing techniques (Emery Smith) like the use of sound and Light frequencies, Holographic Regenerative Med Beds, stem cell regeneration, food replicators ... etc. Please see radio show #21 of Merrily's for more on this. I have seen many of these technologies work, as well as interviewed people who have built and/or used them. I am nobody special. I follow my intuition and passion - discovering much about the Bigger Picture. What you ask for, you receive. Cosmic Law. It is not hard to find out uncommon knowledge about these things. What is challenging is learning to weed through the very purposeful disinformation and obfuscation to take the public off course. Always listen to the truth of your heart. Your true nature is fearless, because you know yourself to be an infinite, immortal creator aspect of Source.


Millions of us together can and will be saying, "Enough". We no longer allow ourselves to be ignorant and lied to. We choose to support energetically and financially the engineers and physicists who have made these working technologies, and put workable models in our homes and cars. Often the brilliant people are building these technologies in their garages. Many Russians have also done so. Remember, that's how Apple computers started. Do your own research before you scoff and negate that this is not true. Don't rely on "government" giving it to you. Unified People who know who they truly are can take the lead, and government will follow. We are Source 'Creators' and among us are many brilliant scientists and professionals in all fields that wish to come forward with what has been suppressed. We need to project strongly with our mind that we will no longer allow this to happen, and support through aligned actions.


Our projections create our perceptions. Our perceptions individually and en mass create our reality!

Once we have shown we are willing to wake up and grow up; then we can accept responsibility for being informed and unify, supporting neighbors and communities in building what we can all benefit by - for the freedom of all. We do not have to wait for "them" to give it to us. Remember, the power brokers stay in power as long as they can keep "dividing and conquering", and you follow.


Together, we have the answers we need and we have the solutions already! - SuperSoul Solutions for SuperSoul Beings! The Secret Space Programs and most of the 1% corporations and 'elite' have access to advanced technologies and healing medical cures on a regular basis; while they keep the masses mesmerized and addicted to primitive trinkets like cell phones ... a manipulative polarity game. See Radio Show #21 for proof of these amazing inventions.

Part 4, was aired live on March 28th on YouTube: News & Clues, EDH #21. Due to several requests, Part 4 was added so I could go over 5 favorite healing tools that have been used successfully, for both physical results and emotional re-balancing. During the last 20 minutes at the end, I take the audience through a mini-practicum of a technique I feel may be most useful for the majority of listeners. I enthusiastically feel and have experienced many times that, 'Healing Is Simple.' Consequently, I share brief examples of self-healing while using these tools.


Special thanks is given to Lyssa Royal who gave me permission to synthesize and share her 25 yrs. of teaching and expertise on this subject matter.  

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