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Their mission is to terraform a rocky ‘future planet’ out in another solar system, and literally birth it through sound into a Living Planet that can support diverse forms of life. A team member Sclickk comes from a benevolent Reptilian species who are all sound experts. Learn about how the power of sound creates and harmonizes form ... and much more

"I just listened to this QHHT session on YouTube. It was WONDERFUL - I so enjoyed it. I could listen to these sessions that talk about other species and planets for hours. I just want to say thank you for all you do. You will never know how you steered me in such a wonderful, exciting new direction for living. I can't wait to hear more of your sessions.~ Pilar H., Ca."


QHHT Session - Marie Couragee - Part 1 - Merrily Milmoe
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11:57: “We might be on a small planet, moon or asteroid-like place ...

Small Planet.png

17:36: Maria actually tones sounds that you will hear during the session - that act like a tuning fork. Specific tones are used to tune each crystal in the cave. Each crystal emits separate sounds ... working towards a synchronizing orchestra.

# 1 Purple Planet.png

14:49-22:10: “The scientific team and I are searching for very specific black onyx-like, dark purple crystals that are shiny like glass in a cave that’s in a different solar system than the one this body comes from.” 

Energy that Maria saw.png

22:06:  Maria describes the ship = “Multi-shaped like a Saguaro Cactus with multiple geometric protrusions that are octopus-like …”  (After the session; Maria drew several pictures of what she saw - like this one)  >


23:15:  “It’s not quite like an octopus; but has all these geometrical arms.” >


27:52: “The hall that the crystal we retrieved is in -- we're keeping it in purple lighting …”


30:32-41:19: Maria describes herself as an astronaut (cosmonaut); part of a 5-member multi-species science team. You can feel from the session how fun-loving they are together; teasing each other. "Working with them is not a stressful environment." Their specialty is searching for very specific crystals … (more detail in Part 2.)


34:34: Maria describes the Sound Expert scientist of their team as being " a friendly Reptilian that has a wide face like a cobra. His name is unpronounceable - sounds like “Sclickk”. He's neither female or male"- but she refers to him as “he”. "His skin color is actually reddish brown; (not green like the pictures.) There is nothing scary or threatening about my Reptilian friend. I chose these two pictures because one shows the details of his yellow eyes and the other, -- when I look at the face, there is actually a sense of familiarity and peace.”

Sclickk’s job requires multi-skills. He has unique abilities to test and refine stones and crystals through his unique hearing and feeling sound abilities. He harmonizes sounds and frequencies so that each plant, crystal, rock, or creature on that planet will become a harmonic match with the song of the planet that they are terraforming. Otherwise; they wouldn’t be able to survive. This will take many lifetimes before complete.


Reptilian Eye.png
Reptilian Face Edited.png
Picture # 2 Plant Life.png

41:32: “So you’re part of a whole team.” (ship picture from ECETI Ranch in Washington, U.S.)

ECETI Craft.png


QHHT Session - Marie Couragee - Part 2 -
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00:00: “So let's continue - you’re coming out of the ship … that flew into an underground base on another 'planet' to terraform it and activate this so-called planet - that is not alive yet …” 

0:43: "There are other scientists who have brought plant samples aboard ...”

Picture # 2 Plant Life.png
Cave staircase.png

1:04: “So we are building a cave with a lot of different kinds of crystals to activate this 'future planet' …”

Crystal Cave 3.png
Reptilian Face Edited.png

3:02:  “Are there different kinds of species …”

3:26: “Is it kind of cavern-like?… " >

Crystal Cave 2.png

03:40: “Right…working on biodiversity, ecology, atmosphere ..."

4:03: Maria talks about terraforming and activating a rock (not a planet yet) with the help of a huge underground science team with varied skills. 

Cave with sprout.jpeg

06:46: Our job is to get the heart going of this future planet. 

07:18: The crystals that are being gathered in the cave and are going to sing the planet alive. … The cave is full of song … and when we get it right; it is like Beethoven’s ‘Spring’ (Sonata).” 

Beethoven's Spring Sonata.png

08:12: “What is your interspecies team different life spans….?”

“The ‘cowgirl’ with the braid and attitude with silver eyes  (Celibe) lives the longest 900-1000 years. The Reptilian (Sclickk) with the good looking sharp teeth - 500 years. The other two are from the same planet as me, about 200 years.”

Longest-Living Human.png

10:04: Maria talks more of the friendly Reptilian team member "Click" or Sclickk’s special abilities. “He is the one that pulls all this together. He knows what sound is missing - what feeling is missing. He hears what is needed tonal-wise, to eventually become a living planet. He hears through his skin; his whole body, and can feel the sounds. He comes from a very old race …"

12:40: How the friendly Reptilian gets crystals to sing together: "In this huge cave, of all these different crystals need to sing like a choir. He is tweaking the song to get it right. He is the one that says; 'this is what we need next to know', and then the rest of us can go on with our mission.  The frequency/song has to support the diverse forms if it is to be coherent with the planet. His species can all hear and feel sound. We literally help to give birth to planets this way."

15:15: “It is something about knowing the song …?  "

Sclickk has a huge cave of all these different color crystals that is like a choir; rows and rows of them. He’s tweaking the song to get it right. The frequencies and sounds have to support the diverse forms of life that will be on this planet in the future … The goal for this planet is diversity."

20:22: The multi-species science team gives us advice for earth = to clean up the planet using sound.  Sound creates form …

Bright Colors.png

20:45: Is there anything that the team members would like to share for us to know here on earth?

“If we use crystals right, we could help to clean up the planet; could help fix the problems because there’s so much that’s broken; the resonance here on earth.”

Forest Sun.png

22:14: What advice would you give Maria at this time for her healing?

“To find the hum that settles me.“ I would like him to hum out the sound or sounds that will help Maria so we have it on the recording for her to listen to for healing herself?

22:41: Can sounds be used for healing Maria as well?

“Yes, I am to find the hum that settles me.”

24:10: He hums for Maria three key sounds: one high note, one medium note and one low note. "It’s about what needs to change with the song of a planet to allow the species’ on the planet to survive. It is a very long project - it takes lifetimes.”

26:42:  “Okay, say we got an atmosphere, stick a goat on the planet. Does the goat thrive or not? So - the question is, 'what needs to change with the song of the planet to allow the goat to thrive?'  Sclickk says it is a long slow process  …”

Leaping Chakras.png

29:30: What is the goal of your team in terraforming this future planet?

30:45 :What was the purpose for Maria -- to access this parallel life of hers?

32:47: Remember the three sounds ….

34:19:  End

Rainbow Sunset.png

INSIDER SPEAKS OF SOUND IN DEEP SPACE - Another Validation of Information Provided in QHHT session above.

Marine Captain Randy Kramer w/ Host Emery Smith on 'Cosmic Disclosure'/ 2020 - Navigating by Sound and Pilots can hear sound in deep space.


Emery: Randy, have you felt anything that changed your Consciousness when you were out in deep space?


Randy: Actually, that's an interesting question. Yes, it happened the first time when I was out in space flying a Viper and got hit with an electromagnetic pulse weapon from another spaceship. After being hit, I was just floating and spinning in space. What I discovered was when everything turns off – when all the electronics are off In a spacecraft; all fields like the force field and the magnetic field are shut down; there's nothing between you and space and space makes music!

It turns out that the music space makes depends on what point in space you're focusing on with your eyes and intention. So for instance, floating out in space I can see everything. It's not like this dark black. It is very bright with all the stars and you can see the constellations, the Northern Star, the Southern stars etc. You can see the Milky Way galaxy is this ring that goes around. You're seeing a very bright Sky…very bright. So, when everything was off - wherever my focal point was – the focus is going to make a certain sound of music coming from that corner of space.

It is nothing other than awe-inspiring and consciousness altering to be in the absolute emptiness of space and you start to hear everything. I've been told when I asked my Brigadier General about this after I got back and he said, “oh, yeah, that's how it works.”


He said, "a lot of species navigate that way! So, if you understand what you're listening for, you know where to look and, what to listen for, you can follow to navigate."  He further stated,  “Look, if you're ever lost and you didn't know how to get back to Earth, you just find your focal point on where you know on earth, the direction - and then listen for Earth music and you will find your way home."  That was completely mind-blowing! I learned that from a Velociraptor friend as well.


EM: Yeah! From Earth - are you looking for a frequency that you are aligned with? Are you receiving old video transmissions from back in time like TV antennas?


R: It could be like that but what I understand is: by putting your focal point on something, that's what automatically happens. You'll start to hear and perceive and its some sort of omni-directional thing in your consciousness doing it because you must be bombarded with trillions of bits of this information.

Key: It's specific to where your eyes are actually looking at. It is directed by your vision. So, what you're looking at with your eyes is where the focal point is. I found as my eyes were looking around, it was like changing channels on a musical radio station.


EM: Yeah, that would make sense because the eyes can pinpoint frequencies.


R: Yes - which your brain interprets and your Consciousness works with that. I think there are still some mechanics I don't fully understand about it, but I've experienced it. It was absolutely fascinating and mind-blowing and what a magical experience to realize that the entire universe makes the most beautiful music! How amazing is that?


EM: Maybe our 3rd eye is just one little antenna there - that can read all this. That's a good theory.


R: I'll go with that.


EM: Thanks so much Randy for being a guest on Gaia show.

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