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This Whispering category and various whispering subheadings will guide you through playfully exploring several kinds of 'whispering'; also known as telepathy or 'telempathy'. There is also updated scientific research to support that what is talked about here IS real and works  -  and is eventually becoming the NEW NORMAL. I call it 'whispering' because our human ability to hear unspoken thoughts has gotten just a bit rusty. When doing telepathy, the pictures you project out need to match what you are saying out loud. The pictures are what is important and, how all other species undertand or "read" you. 


This page will be remind you that you can do such things as program water with your thoughts. Why? Because water is intelligent and has memory and consciousness!  See Waterwhispering

This Whispering category and various whispering subheadings will guide you through playfully exploring several kinds of 'whispering'; also known as telepathy or 'telempathy'. There is also updated scientific research to support that what is talked about here IS real and works  -  and is eventually becoming the NEW NORMAL. 

I call it 'whispering' because our human ability to hear unspoken thoughts has gotten just a bit rusty. When doing telepathy, the pictures you project out need to match what you are saying out loud. The pictures are what is important and, how all other species understand or "read" you. 


This page will remind you that you can do such things as program water with your thoughts. Why? Because water is intelligent and has memory and consciousness!  See Waterwhispering


    Let us not forget Animalwhispering with animals; the most serving and healing helpers on this planet. See Animalwhispering.


    Through Faery/Elementalwhispering, you will re-discover the kingdoms of the Fae and Angelics. In the near future, they will become more visible to more people. They are incredibly helpful in optimizing wishes, weather, and wonder. The patient wise trees, life-giving plants, and beautiful foliage and flowers so appreciate our care and mutual respect. They have endured so much to provide shelter, beauty, and food for us. See Plantwhispering.


    Our beautiful Planet, Gaia, (as well as our Sun and other planets), want to reconnect with humans through heartfelt Planetwhispering, as we did in the past Golden Ages. Earth has never forgotten that we humans were once, more consciously connected with her; (as many indigenous people still are today). Your bodies are her children, and earth's energies are essential for sustaining our bodies. With an imbalanced earth, our bodies will get sick. (Scroll down to 'Earthing' on the Presentations-Healing Arts page). Our body helps make it possible for our spirit to be able to experience and live out our soul's purpose in this form of density.


    Orbwhispering is a way to broaden your sense of extended family, and lessen your fear of death and dying. By playfully communicating with the Light Beings, Star Families, and Ancestors that most Orbs (souls) are; you will regain the magic in your lives that may re-reawaken the sense of awe, wonder, and joy that is your natural birthright.


    All the above deserve our love and respect. The New Format:  Compassion, Honor, and Equality = One Family.      

    Every thing and every living being is telepathic - period! Many UFOs are piloted and connected/telepathized with their pilot and the pilot's DNA. The advanced ships are grown and are living machines. One trained human female pilot can travel with a ship many times past the speed of light using their DNA, (not the mind), usually through their hand's biosignature - no time delay. Humans are unique with their highly malleable and multiple DNA ... see New Science Breakthroughs and scroll down to DNA. 


    Most of the advanced species in the universe are all telepathic, as well as almost everything that is alive on this planet as well. This is not that hard to understand when you begin to realize that The 'Field' connects everything and everyone. We have been relegated to the use of language; which although can be expressive, does not compare. We will regain what we temporarily lost - sending complete compassion-filled thought/feeling/color/geometry packets to one another that encapsulate minutes of verbal conversation in one instant; much like the unspoken conversations in a lover's eyes. Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder what the other 80-90% of my brain is used for?" Nature never creates something she doesn't use. Ponder that one. 


   See Super Soul Abilities & Crank Ups to experience more brain and energetic capacity in just minutes; permanently.

Testimonials for Bodywhispering, Consultations, and Workshops

I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and spend time in your energy field. I especially want to give you a sincere thank you for the bodywork session. My body and soul will never be the same again. 

- John Mack, M.D., Harvard Professor, (deceased)

Your eyes must not determine what you see … imagine. As the doctor that you ‘interviewed’ and chose to work with, I am so happy for your complete 'natural' healing of cancer. You have the kind of innate courage, curiosity and encouragement to trust one’s instincts, to go beyond the simple physical illusory world -- teachings of Merrily. Congratulations and stay in touch!

                                                                              - Dr. Ricki Pollycove, Gynecology, CPMC, S.F., CA


Merrily, What a love you are; body, mind and spirit. We so appreciate the quality of your being and the many lessons you teach us - the constant amusement at your antics, your oh-so-old wisdom, and your oh-so-young sense of wonder and enthusiasm at the nuttiness that is this world. You are a unique blend of wisdom, strength, laughter and love. You are our precious one, and we treasure you exponentially, as we know you more throughout these many years.


You have a remarkable mind and a storehouse of information that is infinitely helpful to people. And, they would not truly be able to hear you if you were not able to feel their problems without feeling their pain. Sympathy I find useless, as it doesn't speak to the highest part of myself, and is just a joining of the dream of illness. But empathy, ah, that is truly on the path to healing - as it lets the 'patient' feel your strength in the bad dream, and follow your lead out of it.


Laughing with Merrily is indeed getting Merry! Your contagious and hilarious wit with pure playfulness allows those who are touched by you to really laugh at themselves. There is also no one I know that has such a font of helpful data which roams the range from medical and body related, to emotional and psyche related, AND, to spiritual and cosmic related. A conversation with you covers the hologram, and the traveler is enriched by the journey. But none of this base of knowledge would transfer into the consciousness of another, were it not usefully tempered by the wisdom of the ages in you. So ... Wise Woman; you are a true Sage.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my guru. You are my dearest advisor and healer. You have blessed my life for so many years with your tenderness, strength, and teaching. Always in love with Merrily; the woman whose healing hands hold my heart.        

                                                        Judy Skutch-Whitson, publisher, Course In Miracles

When I see a lightening bolt, I think of you. You make my body smile. You are, simply stated; the best.                                       - Gary R., real estate lawyer, CA

Merrily, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a transformative experience the bodywork - 'Bodywhisper' session I had with you was. My body feels much better, and I am practicing loving it at every opportunity. I'll keep you posted ... - Bob Rudorf, CA. 

 Merrily, there’s no way of telling you in words the  extent of our love and gratitude for your house  visit, and all the love and equipment you brought.  You are amazing ... We feel like different  people. All the cells in our body were clapping  for a very long time! Boundless love and our  deepest gratitude for your care and assistance  throughout the years.  

 Bless you and Love you,                                      -Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, psychiatrist

& Dr. Diane Cirincione, psychologist,

Founders of Int'l Center For Attitudinal Healing,

best-selling authors, and speakers

Testimonials Continued:

Merrily, Thank you so much for the exquisite massage/bodywork session. It was wonderful, delicious, deeply nourishing, and a relaxing experience with your beautiful heart, soul and fabulous hands. I'm really looking forward to working with you more. 

                                                                                     Marci Shimoff, best selling author & speaker, CA


Merrily - there you are dancing with wit and grace on top of the world where few would dare to venture. You are one of life’s special treasures and great at what you do! Thank you for being willing to make a home visit during my early recuperation phase of my knee surgery. It was fun to awaken to the quiet sounds of your movement in the room as you brought flowers and balloons—a quiet storm of care and thoughtful energy, waiting to explode into laughter as soon as I opened my eyes! The Reflexology foot rub was so delicious; great idea! It helped melt away some of the residual anxiety of the surgery. My favorite part was your inspirational storytelling. How I do love to listen to you tell stories. I will always carry that image of you at the end of my bed in dim light, talking with my body, ‘Bodywhispering’ and laughing. Thank you! I also appreciated your extended supportive discourse on my merits. I will endeavor to live up to your vision of who I am.  I will send my husband who needs to laugh with you as well, and will be calling for an appointment for myself soon. I appreciate you dearly. 

Glenda Corning, Philanthropist, CA


I wanted to thank you again for your avant-garde research; for checking out the various places in California that would best suit your client’s needs; like me. I had a wonderful experience at the health clinic you recommended and I am amazed at the results that I produced. You were right! In addition to the weight I lost and the vitality I feel - most profoundly; it helped heal my heart. You are so incredible, Merrily. I don’t know what my life would be like without your out-of-the-box unconventional influence. I am very appreciative.

Deborah K., Radio Producer, Sales, CA.


Merrily, I am so grateful to have met you! The topics that we discussed during my session blew my mind! I gave my mom your card. She is also knowledgeable in those fields of interest too. Everyday since the appointment, I have been thinking about you and have been looking at the world in a new light. Thank you for seeing me beyond what most people do, and for your sweet, warm and encouraging energy. It was contagious! Other young adults like me are ready to hear what you have to share and find it interesting. Please finish your 'Earth Game Mastery' works.  

Magda S., Business consultant, CA.


Thank you so much for that incredible healing energy in our session today. You did EXACTLY what I asked you for and needed! You took the old thoughts right out of my brain and did what I requested ... cleaned me out. You truly infused me with the peace and love that I was longing to regain, and your help was immeasurable. It washed over me in waves all night. I appreciate you profoundly and am thankful of your eternal presence in my life. You have no idea how much I treasure and love you. I still marvel at all the pain you took from me as you midwifed the birth of my son. I will be sending him - now 11, for his first massage ever. He requested it with you! 

Tamara Morgan, Author, Creative Catalyzer, Course In Miracles Publisher, Mill Valley, CA





























It isn't that you always have to be right; it just usually turns out that you are … it's true! 

- Dr. Gary Levin, Anesthesiologist and Medical Instructor, U.C.S.F. & U.C. Davis, CA


I am humbled by you because you give so much to me. You are my steady hand, my knowing teacher, my refuge and my healer. I can certainly say my life at 60 is better because of you. Thank you for all these years on your table under your healing hands and for your persistent, insightful and loving support. Your excellent work has transformed my life, and I can think of no greater gift.

Your humble student,  - Peter Palmisano, Pacific Union Marketing, retired, CA


Dearest Merrily, many, many thanks for your love and care ... I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing help you have given me over the years and tell you how wonderful I think you are. With big love,

- Dr. Louann Brizendine, psychiatrist UCSF, CA, and best-selling author of  The Female Brain and The Male Brain.


Most people live life as if on a giant screen with Dolby quadraphonic sound, while nibbling on celestial popcorn; perhaps interested but nonetheless distant spectators at best. But not you, and I love you for it. I appreciate these many years of sessions with you; you that are more generous than a field of poppies.                           

-   Dr. Arlene Hoffman., podiatrist, CPMC, S.F., CA


How could one lady be so wonderful? Whenever I leave our sessions, I’m always glowing from both excellent bodywork and stimulating conversations. I love your ability to cut through to the essence of things, your ability to see the humor in human behaviors, and your ability to confront yourself without the crippling insecurities that someone like me would have in those same circumstances. I’m rooting for you to win the ‘Body-For-Life’ world competition; I know you will!  

- Carla Crane., artist, mother, fundraiser, CA


Dear, Dear Merrily! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping me re-enter this body today!  After all of the busy-ness of the last week, my 'self' was a bit scattered and fragmented. I so enjoyed our time together, meeting you and your healing, energizing touch.  I look forward to our work together, whenever I’m back in California, and our continuing journey!  - Cil, CEO Innovations, KY


Hi, I wanted to tell you what my three friends said after coming back from a massage with you. 1. Rob said that he hasn't felt that good about his body or mind in years. He said 'Merrily alone is worth moving back to Northern California for.' 2. Casey said, 'Damn, she just gets it. There's a HUGE difference between a physical massage and a healer. There's almost no reason to get a massage unless it's from a healer… and she's the best I've come across.’  3.Maggie came out of your office and slept for five hours straight with her newborn, Clementine; something neither she nor the baby have done since the birth. Love you and all that you did last weekend to make my friends feel good again.

    Also, I just had to tell you that I began to get sick with the flu and fever. It came on really fast and as you know, when I get sick, it lasts for a good couple of weeks. So... I remembered that you showed me your  “Dragon Breath” quick technique to push away all disease out of the aura and clean off one’s energy field.  So, I did it yesterday 3 different times; and woke up today completely well!!! You’re awesome! Now I am training my staff to do it. They and my wife have never seen me recover so fast. I am teaching your “Wet Dog Shake” to the ‘light weights’. And hey - when do we go on YouTube to back you up while doing it? Your “Rainbow Shower Technique” also works great and is super easy. Thanks Merrily for all your great suggestions. You are a fountain of wealth and health.  Tim N., President of H.S., Marin County, CA












I had a BIG experience on your table and even more so, ever since I got down from it. Much is coming through that I have not previously had access to. I’m feeling a big responsibility to live up to something; know not what yet. My lower body and knees that were in excruciating pain and brought me to tears when I first saw you at your studio; feel more accessible now; less ‘dead weight.’ I am feeling a bit sad about my lengthy estrangement from my body after you talked to it with your Bodywhispering. You reminded me that the body is very forgiving. It was amazing to meet you; feels like I’ve known you forever! I love all your research you are doing, and everything about you. Looking forward to the next chance I have to learn and play with you.    

Dia N., Executive Producer, CA


Someday in Heaven, they will be giving you some extra angel wings for what you did for me, our last time together. Your strength, courage, and safe space you provided, helped me through one of my greatest fears and I am now healed! I will forever be grateful and feel so fortunate to have you in my life. I am also appreciative for the healing that took place; with you addressing my Plantar Fasciitis/incredibly sore feet with your massage, Bodywhispering and the foot Aqua Detox session. My foot feels better than it has in months and, I am so happy about that! You are and always will be an amazing healer, and I am blessed to have you in my life.

- Susanne Paynovich, CEO Watergym, CA.


I came to you, Merrily, as a gift given me. I remember you asked me what I was feeling, how my body was doing and any symptoms I had? I told you I had pain in my esophagus and you worked on my stomach and digestion. You mentioned with humor, that it seemed I won the prize for being a 10 out of 10 for an over-acidic body. You felt my diaphragm was in spasm and worked on that while asking, “I bet you have GERD—no?” I said, “Yes.” You told me what you had done for yourself to reverse your GERD, and said it was totally up to me to do for myself what I thought best, along with my doctor’s approval. I left and came back to you in 2 days, a new person and out of pain completely. It’s very exciting to know I can empower myself by having deeper, healthier understandings of what can cause my conditions nutritionally and otherwise, not just treating symptoms ... I was ready and am grateful! - Cathy B., CA


Hi, I had the best time ever with you yesterday in our session! The information you shared was riveting and I feel so alive, inspired, and so less fearful. Thank you so much for the opportunity to benefit from your huge breadth of expertise and wisdom. - K.G., Motivational Speaker, S.R., CA


Hi Merrily, just a note of thanks for the last bodywork session. By the end of the next day, the iron spasm in my left, low back gave way. I could stand up all the way again without pain. My neck mobility improved, and the foot is less painful. I am doing some stretching with my modest core exercises now … I hope to see you again in about a month. Dr. Steven Killpack, CA


I am confirming our weekly appointments. 70% of Merrily is 110% of anyone/anything else! Peter Logan, retired lawyer, CA


When I count my blessings, I count you twice.’(Irish blessing) Sweet, amazingly wonderful Merrily in every way possible. As I go through this “chemo-brain” experience, I want to tell you that having you in my life has made this cancer journey so much easier. I remember when you referred to it as “a blip on the screen.” Well guess what? I got great news yesterday — I am cancer free! I am ready for another Merrily ‘hands on’. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Your care and energy are for me - a gift from heaven.   Nancy D., RN., Marin County, CA


On this occasion, words fail in finding and expressing the gratitude for your many tender and even not-so-tender mercies! You are our angelic doctor, our loving portal of deeper understanding of the body and mind - into our very essence ... Over and over with your hands and your voice; you  guide us into idyllic relaxation. Thank you dearest angel.  - Dr. William Whitson., publisher, “Course In Miracles" 


You saved me at the hospital when I was scared and didn’t know what to do. You came in like the rescue team; your nurturing, your patience, your understanding, your thoughtfulness, your love, your perfect ‘green drink’ which saved my life, your strength, your skill and your unbelievable talents — for all I am gratefully in your debt. - Gig Kane-Owen, Hotel Marketing, retired, CA


No little ‘thank you’ could begin to express the depth of respect, love, and gratitude I feel for you. You are a remarkable, special creature and the truest, most loyal of helpful confidants. Your constancy, humor, insights, honesty and intuition benefit me and so many others whose lives you bless and grace on a regular basis; those of us who have come to you for sessions for over 32 years. You stand out, so vibrant, wise, thoughtful, sparkly and clever. I am so blessed; (what with working full time and having twins,) to have you every two weeks and that hour and a half is all about me! My body and mind feel relaxed, positive and so much better after seeing you. You are a miracle worker!  - Anna Shimko, Real Estate lawyer, S.F., CA


Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart for that most wonderful healing massage and Bodywhisper session. I feel so much more integrated…and, I can't wait to try out my newly discovered Bodywhispering after talking to it like you taught me. Also, my husband sends his thanks as well. His shoulder and overall body are so much better; wonderful healing!  - Charlene Neville, author, CA


Merrily - thanks for fitting me in yesterday. The bodywork you did was terrific and I swam REALLY well last night with no shoulder pain. I would like to see you more often if you can fit me in; 4 times per month; as my traveling allows. - Larry Hamovitch., Medical Technology, Mill Valley, CA


Merrily, you were cutting edge by today’s standards 30 years ago and still are! Thanks for all your research and wisdom you share and for the great Bodywhisper/Bodywork healing sessions. I always learn a lot, and am transported.    - George Menzelos, Importer of Gourmet Foods, S.F., CA


Thank God-ness that you are in my life, brightening my world. Nothing would be the same without you. My first bodywork session with you; when I first met you these many years ago, I was leaving what I had known and was returning home to what I longed for. I felt Jesus touch my forehead through your hands and felt a love beyond anything that I had ever known in my body before. It is impossible to describe the overwhelming astonishment that filled my soul and the profound awe that filled my mind while my heart opened, my body literally shook and went numb, as my whole being became light and spread beyond time and space as I knew it. This experience was not entirely new to me, but to be with you, and feel such safety, was like returning to something that I had been waiting for. My body could hardly contain the energy that turned into a sea of love. It was so familiar and you gave me more than you will ever know. Each and every session was a journey into my core and love within; life altering, breathtaking, wonderful, sometimes painful, but deeply and profoundly healing for me. Thank you!  

- Rev. G. M., best-selling author, intuitive counselor, CA


You are brave, fun, intelligent, and loving. Your honest insights during our sessions together, as well as your laughter, and wisdom have brought a lot to both our lives. - Dr. Barbara Rose Billings., phD therapist and healer, CA


There are no words to adequately thank you for your cherished healing, generosity of spirit, and helping me move fearlessly through several health challenges. I am in infinite gratitude for all the ways in which you embody happiness, and help me to do the same. A special thanks for the varied and skillful ways you heal my body, and your extraordinary capacity to talk with my body; your Bodywhispering; and save me from going to hospitals. You give so generously at all levels. May you be blessed multifold! 

- Avon Mattison, Founder & Director, “Pathways To Peace”


Merrily, Good news, no cancer! A doctor misdiagnosis … it was just a partially enlarged spleen. Thank you for all the love, vibes and other good stuff you sent. Mostly, thank you for the gifts you taught me of liking myself, of being calm, less fearful, appreciating ‘being’, and of even ‘seeing colors’—who knew? And from this skeptic! Thanks for being you, and for so many years of experiencing your magic. 

- Michael G., Lawyer & Professor of Law, retired, S.F., CA.


The healing you orchestrated for me was profound. The colors you gave me during our session have never left my body. I see them each day I awaken. Thank you so much for healing my knee from my fall as well. It’s all better. You always are giving me a spiritual, intellectual, and physical all-encompassing experience that is unbeatable! For 11 years now, I tell everyone you are the BEST! You are the healer, the poet, the translator, the visionary, and the transformer!  Sandy B., Grant writer/Ecologist, M.V., CA.


I just wanted you to know-- that was the best, most healing session yesterday with you. I love, love, love the color light chromotherapy that you have added as an optional addition, and teh Tibetan Bowls on the body! When can I return for a repeat chromotherapy and abdominal work session? You are a great body worker and healer!          Maureen Killpack, RN, S.F. CA.


After having shoulder pain for 6 months, I knew I had to see you for a session. Listening to what you said my body told you while you Bodywhispered with it was so true.  You said, “Your arm/shoulder feels like it’s wings have been clipped energetically; no sense of freedom, and you are creating an imbalance of giving and receiving that causes energy to move more slowly in this arm. Please consider that giving and receiving are one in the same, perhaps it’s time to begin to allow the full flow of both.”

After our session I was on air - my arm was 100% improved. No night-time pain; you helped me connect-the-dots … my subconscious feelings at a low time in my life wondering,  “Is this all there is to life?" The feelings of being undervalued and the over-giving was, as you explained, mostly the cause of my arm’s energy ‘blockage’ and pain. You reminded me that, “of course, painting is pain-free for you because that’s when your creativity flows and the energy moves, and you are back in your natural self – a state of joy and enthusiasm.” So, thank you again. I went home and re-read my letter to my ............. and used the word “fair” that you recommended I use. It was already in the closing paragraph — another confirmation that it was time to move ahead. You spurred me to wean off of coffee, which I am also doing over these next two weeks. I am feeling inspired. It’s so very wonderful to see you again. It's been too long.  - Karen LaCuesta, Interior Designer, CA


Merrily, you are a truly enlightened soul who never fails to cut straight to the essence of it all—a being of wisdom, truth and humor - who shares with total love the knowledge of the universe. Our whole family loves their sessions with you, truly and deeply. There’s no real way we could all say thank you, other than to try and embody the magic you bring to this planet. Thanks to you, my girls and I feel up to the task/joy. Please know that you are very deeply loved by our entire family; and I am sure - all your clients these many years. The gift of your perspective, your insights, and most of all your all-accepting (well; pretty much) love for who we are; undressed and unmasked, stripped of pretense (literally,) is a rare gift that keeps on giving, as we walk, run and sometimes limp through this engrossing journey called life. You’ve brought me so much light into my life, so much love, so much steadying support, and hope. You’ve hugely expanded my imagination, and shown me several universes of possibilities. You have been my guide, healer, listener, and expander. Thanks!

- Deborah McNeil, Social Services Psychologist, CA


Merrily - you are welcome for the referral. She loved you! Like I said to you the last time I was there for my session, ‘there isn’t even a close second to what you do, and how you do it.’ Looking forward to my next session with you.” Glenn Dizon, Jewelry Designs, CA


You are light, you are grace, you are love, you are space. You give me guidance, you make me smile, you get the joke, and all the while you sit in the center and LAUGH! You remind us of the Dream and guide us home. Thank you!     Suzan Dalle, Vision/Brain Integration Therapist, Healer, Sacramento, CA


God bless your Psoas-releasing hands!  I'm MUCH better. See you soon, Dr. Kathy W., psychiatrist, CA.


Hi Merrily, Thank you so much for the massage today. I had a great time talking to you, and really hope I get to spend more time with you in the years to come. You are a great spirit in my life, ever since the first time you removed my mother’s pain and helped bring me into the world pain-free. - Lije Morgan, student & musician, CA


Thank you so much for the massages once a month. For some reason, they always land on the perfect day, and they make me feel so happy and refreshed. I love our talks together during the sessions. It's so wonderful to have an adult I can talk to besides my mom, who I can tell anything to. I love your presence in my life and can't wait to come again soon.   Katherine McNeil, pre-med student, CA


 I just wanted to write to offer up a BIG thank you! The bodywork session was beyond belief, as well as the gaining of new understanding - it was so incredible and helpful. All my past sessions with you were great, but this last one was extra special because of your pragmatic insights for me into everything from relationships to health! You have phenomenal gifts to offer and are such a great ‘up’ person! I will call shortly to set up another session with you.     Steve Bendeneli, marketing and sales, CA


Hi Merrily, Wonderful to see you for the bodywork session. Thanks so much for your help. I feel so much better and out of pain! I would like another session. Ben P. Tech Sales, Palo Alto, CA


Your words of love and care during my appointment with you were like treasures from an angel’s purse! Thank you. J.N., retired, MI


Anna and I are so lucky to have you in our universe. You are by far one of the brightest stars. Knowing you are out, shining your light on our lives makes us feel warm and secure. We look forward to sharing the adventure with you. Pete Hudson, Geologist, ecologist, teacher, CA


Merrily, you should be strapped to a rocket ship and sent into space, so that when ETs meet their first human being, it will be you. I can’t think of a better ambassador for our species. Really! You have soul, and Soul appreciated our session together.  Norah V., bestselling author, N.Y., NY


Merrily, the shining star. Thank you for my wonderful therapy with you, and for being such a wonderful heart and willing to be the star that fell to earth so we who are earthbound, continually are aglow by your inner light. 

- Tim Murray, Real Estate Broker, CA


Merrily, I need some of your magic touch. I do the “Escape From Alcatraz” long race on Oct. 1st. Any chance of getting in to see you this week?  Tom Callinan, Pacific Union Development, S.F., CA


Thank you Merrily for the great session. You have helped the pain I had from being hit by the car. Inspiration is you. Magic is your mantra. Heart is you; using your wide brush to paint a more harmonious and helpful environment for us all. I embrace and am very grateful for you! Just read my heart. There just aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to convey my delight, sheer and utter appreciation at all the effort you applied and put so many smiles on my face. I am soaring at a new level, like a wave that takes its time coming to shore. Thanks for your wisdom, great advice and for continually helping my soul, heart and spirit bathe in sunshine. - Lisa York, CA


Hey, I want to express my gratitude for your healing ministrations.  I appreciate that you're checking in. My ribs are still tender to the touch, but the pain started subsiding the moment I walked out of your healing studio.  Last night I slept through the night. I was aware that I was shifting positions, but doing so didn't wake me from a jolt of pain.  I’ve been using the magical healing ‘Elizabeth Essentials’ Rapid Relief oil you gifted me with, and feel that it helps. Thank you, thank you.” Bonnie Solow, literary agent, CA


What a gift of clarity you are - a light to those who want to see. I'm feeling grateful for your healing session, and even more for your knowledge, and ability to transfer that knowledge. It's mind-bending and life changing. Wow!        Heather Reynolds., Lawyer, CA


I can’t even put into words what my visits to you have meant to me. All I do know is that I have only had dreams being completely able-bodied now after our sessions; only to wake up to this reality. The night after my visit with you, I dreamed I was on an ice rink or in some arena and my ‘bad leg’ was fine as I was showing off and doing acrobatics.  Thank you! Ed Allen, your 6th grade H.S. teacher, CA


Thank you so much Merrily, for our massage and therapy time together. You will never know the influence you have had on me. You have brought wonderful change to my life. You have helped me to see things like my body and life very differently. You have been a wonderful sounding board. Your advice and opinions have meant a great deal—not simply for their wisdom, but because you demonstrate them yourself. I just wanted to say thank you before I return back to the south to live. I will miss you and our sessions! - Lance D., Legal Assistant, TN


As usual, I left you full of ideas and full of hope. I will make good with what you’ve given me! You are my guardian angel; thank you.  Douglas Brockbank., Leadership motivational speaker, Bend, OR


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Our session and time together was wonderful, very sweet and special. Your generosity as always, is beyond compare; your heart so expanding, full of love and nurturing.  Elizabeth Bloom, CEO, “Elizabeth Essentials,” Gig Harbor, WA


As I come closer to the end of this challenging time, I find myself giving thanks for the gifts I have been given. You have helped me and been there every step of the way. You have such an exquisite and loving spirit, even as you challenge everyone and everything around you. Just thinking of you makes me smile—and be all the more motivated to take on any number of challenges.  Thanks also for helping me talk with my body as well; teaching me how to Bodywhisper.  Leslie Kossoff, Int’l Business consultant, publisher, Paris, London, L.A.


Hi Merrily, I’m calling to tell you how grateful I am because somehow you ALWAYS have insights that you explain to me in a way that helps me grow and I feel like a whole new person. Yesterday, I was in joy. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your loving support and for putting my leg back into the right place in my hip joint, after several months of pain. I should have come to you sooner. - Melinda Inn, Intuitive Dowsing, CA


You are amazing in your constant ability to honor your clients. I feel blessed to know your spirit; your ever changing and receptive outlook; and your ability to accept the responsibility of the adult, but retain the joy of a child for all things new. Thank you. In love and admiration, Rev. Nikki Johnson, Spirit House, Woodside, CA.


Merrily, you are the purest expression of love and joy I have ever known … how knowing you blesses and graces my life … all the time, in so many ways! You always make me smile, always feed my soul, always warm and heal my heart, and always bless. After our great bodywork session yesterday, I went home and slept very deeply, for the first time in a long time. Thank you!” - Alex McIntyre, CA


Merrily, I always think of you as a butterfly. You are in a constant shape of transformation; either for yourself or others. I miss seeing you Merrily, and all of your radiant energy I received during the years of steady therapeutic sessions. - Cindy Eisenberg, Stockbroker, retired, CA


Merrily, I just wanted to tell you how much better my feet and legs were today. WOW! such a difference! I have not needed to take any Advil for pain since our ‘reflect-ology’ foot session.  I appreciated your suggestion to me that “it may be time you step forward in life in a new way, with greater truthful verbal expression and honor who you really are.” I agree and will practice a step at a time. You are a great coach and ANGEL in my life; thanks! - Gail I., CA


I wanted to thank you for the amazing, encouraging, and informative session yesterday.  So much to learn/remember. I feel so wonderful today and so eager to finish my book. My hip is almost normal too.  I don't know how you rearranged the psoas muscles but wow, what a difference! I loved that huge golden, regal hawk perched outside your studio window, looking at us so calmly during my session—magical! I look forward to my next Bodywhisper/consult session with you.  Jennifer Dwight., Legal Assistant, author, CA


I just wanted to thank you so much for the very special time together. You gave me a massage/consult session for my heart, my soul, my mind and my body. You make life so much fun; that's who you are. Thanks again; it was really special.  Annelies Atchley, Art teacher, Tiburon, CA


Dearest Merrily, Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of me when I was in California for my session with you. Recovering from tongue cancer is an ordeal. As if seeing you in itself wasn't enough, the healing/Bodywhisper massage, and the Aqua Detox foot cleanse was exactly what I needed to help get all the meds. and toxins out of me. You are a treasure and I loved seeing you again; sharing your healing touch and inspiring stories. Thank you!      Sharon E., RN., OR


Merrily; you are the Best … a living inspiration … and an inspiration on how to live.                                                   Norm Sobel, - Retired Restaurant Business, CA


Hi Merrily, I so enjoyed seeing you. You are an extraordinary and inspirational person. I'm very grateful to know you and to have experienced your wisdom, compassion, connectedness, intuition, heart and healing sessions. Thanks so much for your kind and supportive words about my Healthy Living class. I hope to see you again soon.                  Andy Shapiro., H.S. Teacher, CA


There are no words to express our thanks for ALL that you have done to support and help both of us during this difficult time with Gil's bone cancer. You are truly a rare individual and we both feel grateful and blessed that we came to you as clients 28 years ago. You stand high above most people that we know, and we are indeed lucky. With gratitude, Lynda Locke, CA.


You always know what I need!  Gil Locke, retired engineer, CA


 I woke up this morning and my left leg was much improved; really helpful session and am taking your suggestions -- drinking lot's of H2O and using Mg-Oil and magic "Rapid Relief" spray as well. Know you are most appreciated for your honest insights and healing of the mind, body, and spirit during my sessions with you. I take to heart your suggestions re: walking in more truth and being more honest about how I communicate with everyone. You have helped me better understand that everyone has agreements/agendas that they are working through with each other and always discernment, not judgment, is needed. You are a master healer and an amazing mentor for me. I am feeling more focused, have more energy, and a better attitude. Thanks! - Chris H., Int’l Business Sales, CA.


I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me. You give the gift of yourself consistently over and over again. How wonderful. My massage session today with you was 'out of this world'…fantastic! You are so tuned in to many different levels. - K. B., MFCC, CA


Thanks for all the wonderful care and insights you had for me today during our session together. I got great news today when I got home: a recent ultrasound indicates that the cyst has gotten smaller and it is evaluated to be a "simple cyst."  Personally, I'm quite confident that it will soon be gone! Thank you for all your healing energies, research, resources and support!  - Al A., Social Services, CA


Your care and generosity has lent itself so remarkable in my life! Courage and inspiration fill me with each moment that we share - working together. - Michael Feldman, Rolfer, CA


I used the jug of acid water you lent me to soak my blistering feet after being severely stung and poisoned by that sea urchin … and I feel so much better. I have great energy and am no longer lethargic! You work miracles, as always! You are the BEST person who has entered my life, and I truly treasure my time with you when getting a body workover.  - MaryLouise  W., CA


 You have been such an incredible part of my evolution. I have many ‘aha’ moments when I am with you during our sessions. Thank You So Much! - Gail Ann, Owner of Evo Spa, #1 best voted Spa in Marin County, CA


The special gifts that you so generously have waiting for me when I arrive for my sessions make me feel like young helium. What a dear you are! I wore the stars from the gift as a crown. Maybe I always will. Bless you Merrily and your kindness and bountiful heart; for taking such good care of me all these years with my many ‘bouts of cancer. I will always remember laughing together and will never forget the first time you took a look at my naked body on the table and said, as I was apologizing for all the scars, “Of course your whole body is missing parts and scars. You are a warrior archetype and each one of those scars are the battles you've won, carried proudly on the map of your skin and body. Good for you -- roar on woman!” I share this often with other 'survivors' and it helps change their perspectives, as it did mine. Thank you so much for all the love, joy and laughter you have brought to my life and for everything you do for me and so many others, whom by the way, also feel you are the most generous person they know. You are truly a gift! - Joanie Werner, retired stock broker, Sausalito, CA (deceased)


I appreciate you, cherish you and count you among my greatest blessings. All of us clients are so lucky to know you. Thank you for always sharing so much during my bodywork sessions with you! 

- Janet Brown., CEO, Fund X, Belvedere, CA


Thank you for being a mentor, a source of great knowledge, a lovebug, a comic, a divine inspiration and for lighting my path in this journey toward my Higher Self. I can’t believe my good fortune to have been under your hands these past 28 years. Deborah McNeil, MFCC, CA.


Thank you so very much Merrily. I hope you stay the same because you are perfect, and so was the bodywork/Bodywhispering session.  Jakob J., Professional Ballet Dancer, S.F. & N.Y.


Merrily—with all the love and affection in this whole world, Clem and I are indebted to you for life for the emergency house calls you gave us. Thanks for helping us both through our body trials and lifting our hearts.      

- Charlie Merrill, Sausalito, CA (deceased)


My range of motion post new shoulder surgery is so much better this morning after our session together yesterday, so I would like more appointments please.  Jessica Lewin, CEO, Travel Service, CA


Thank you for the gift of your sweet, loving and compassionate presence in our session, when you came to be with me in a time of great darkness. Dr. W. B., psychiatrist, CA


Thanks for another wonderful session today Merrily. The laughter bit speaks to exactly what you helped me with today, as well as reminding me to take the IN-breath; receive and celebrate. Your insights were and are very helpful. - R. S., Author-Weight Loss Specialist, CA


I am able to see better now, all because of you … I can literally see. This is huge! I can never thank you enough. Since my recent session with you, I have been so high on the generosity and love that has been shown to me. You are so dear. I have bathed in the magnesium salts you gifted me with, and flushed my whole body after your extraordinary and thoroughly healing session. Now I can find my way, in dark and light. Thank you so very much -- you are an amazing healer. I hope you know that, and just how much you give in so many ways. The days are good … darkness creeps in at times, yet I am getting closer to myself each day. What a journey. I love you so much, am grateful, and wanted you to know all the light you have shed here. - Ginger T., CEO, CA


I went home with my now UNsore shoulder (thank the Good Merrily), and wrestled my broken box spring mattress into submission. Under the bed I found, my missing glasses, my i-pod I KNEW was not lost forever, and a sculpture of Mother Mary I had been missing. I love it when the bed breaks … the synchronicities that we had just been talking about.  Thanks, Rev. Stacey Grossman, CA


I have never experienced any massage like the one you gave me, and as you know, I am an energy and body practitioner myself. My body and I thank you over and over for all the releasing and loving tender care I received. Catherine Ann, energy bodyworker, Gig Harbor, WA


Thank you so much for your excellent work. I so much appreciate all of your knowledge, application of, and sharing. I admire you, and am so grateful to know you. Barbara Franzoia., sales, CA.


Thank you so much for the incredible massage and therapy both! What a gift; memorable and heartfelt. You always provide soothing thoughts and a peaceful atmosphere for me, and I leave feeling calm and healed. You are a fabulous person and I deeply appreciate your kindness over these 45 years! - Deb Bendineli., Teacher, Tiburon, CA


Thanks again for that wonderful therapy session. You're the best in so many ways! - Jen Fujimoto, Legal Assistant, CA


Merrily, I bless you for the impact that knowing you has had on my life these past many years. I would not be the woman I am today if I had not known you. Please know that I am deeply grateful for your help, insights and for who you are.  - A.W., CEO Global Business, CA


Merrily, my lady came home last night on Cloud 9! She said she had an amazing experience, and she said she felt like you instantly understood her and that you had a better understanding of who she is in ten minutes than any other therapist could have in ten years. She loved everything about you and the bodywork session itself. My father loved his time with you as well. Hopefully, I will see you soon myself. - Marty B., Healthy Vending Machines, CA


I love visiting you and really needed to ... it was an oasis for me. Thanks for giving me some light to see. I love being in your greatness. - Tori Sprang, Administrator, University of Washington, WA


Dear Ms. Holistic Healer: I have been reading your column on alternative medical care for decades now, and I have this to say. I took that stuff you told me you take for yourself to see if it worked for me, and I am feeling pretty damn good; I think my energy is returning. I have been putting that lovely smelly essential oily stuff from you on my right upper chest lung area and the bottoms of my feet, and I am feeling pretty damn good; I think my energy is returning.  You would think after 32 years that I have been coming to you as a client, I’d no longer be surprised by your magic. Well, gotta admit it - I am. Yesterday after your digestive-aid bodywork, I came home and had a huge bowel movement and in the middle of the night, had another. It’s like a 100% improvement, (TMI, I know.) Moreover, I slept last night better than I have slept since the lung cancer surgery. I have turned a real corner finally, and all thanks to you Wonderwoman!  Suffice it to say that my mood elevates about 48 hours before my sessions with you, improves during them, and finds me humming and singing when I leave. Not bad; considering I can’t carry a tune!            Michael G., lawyer, Retired Professor, CA

What we did together on your table yesterday seems to have released that huge chunk of heaviness that was weighing me down. I feel energized, hopeful, and so light and free. You are amazing! - Andrea Tamarin CEO real estate assessor

Merrily, I want to thank you again for the amazing experience on Saturday! What you gave me in many ways through your wisdom and bodywork was more than generous - it was a direct blessing from above! You generated healing and movement in me that significantly shifted my being! Thank you for sharing your love and creating space for me to grow and honor my potential. Your impact and generosity will always be with me. I am truly grateful! My kids and husband all feel so blessed that they get to have sessions with you. Thank you!  Renee E., CA.

Merrily, my tailbone after the fall is so much better from our session where you clicked it back into place. Thank you so much. Dr. Arlene Hoffman, CA.

Merrily, just a note to thank you so very much for spending so much time in consultation with me explaining the keys to manifesting and giving such clear examples. I woke up the next day and suddenly realized what you said...I am a Creator! How could I have forgotten? I got all my notes together from our session and grabbed my husband for a sandwich and some time to relax. I shared from my notes I took with you about us all being creators. We are both committed to what you reminded us now for the sale of our house, and for littler things that come up. What I realize I may need now, is ways to get me back into that Creator energy/frequency when I slip out. I know you said you will remind me when I forget -that's what we all do for each other. I want to make this a habit, as I saw small little miracles when I was in that "creator state." It's definitely a different feeling state - very powerful and electric.          Sue C., CA.  UPDATE: Merrily- what you told us to do worked. We finally sold this house after trying for so many years. Thank you for teaching us  how to truly manifest and making it understandable in three clear steps. Sue & Ernie C., CA.

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