Merrily's Radio & YouTube shows are called
Super Soul Solutions

 As a holistic health therapist, healer, QHHT practitioner and researcher for 44 years in multiple subjects, I am excited to have been offered my own radio show and look forward to you joining me to hear well-vetted extraordinary guests that will provide you with first-hand experiences, positive updates & real news! This time in history is truly challenging and exciting as together we ensure the positive timeline for our future! 

For those of you that are feeling a bit depressed or confused about the world,

you may be surprised to know that

WE ACTUALLY ALREADY HAVE HAD FOR &0 YEARS MANY OF THE SOLUTIONS WE NEED TO HEAL THIS PLANET AND OURSELVES NOW. Advanced technology like regenerative Medical Beds, Sound Healing, Age Regression & Tesla Free Energy will be rolled out to civilians in the next 3-10 years! 

I, along with innovative guest experts will keep you appraised of these cutting-edge Solutions.

Why is this important?

Because you as co-creators,

can NOT envision and co-create

what you do not know exists or is possible.

2020 was filled with Fun Topics 

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  • Claiming Your Co-Creator Birthright - You Have a Choice

  • The Upside of the 2020 Reset Transformation

  • 5 Favorite Techniques for Integrating Trauma

  • Reset Timeline (cycles) for 2020 & What to Expect

  • 3 Simple Keys to Manifesting a New Passionate Life

  • Access Future Self to Retrieve Abilities & Wisdom

  • Access Soul Consciousness through Direct Experience Journey

  • Human DNA: Is the past DNA tampering Reversible & How?  

  • Does Intelligent Water Exist? Yes - 4th Phase Water

  • Rare Q&A about the Soul/Atma - It’s Design & Capabilities

  • Ancient Archeology Meets Future Science - Romanian Discoveries!

  • Inside the Earth - Meet Inner Earth Civilizations & Discover HowMultiple ETs Steered the DNA of Humans to Evolve to a Higher State

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My Mission is to:

Ignite and Nurture the Unlimited Bandwidths of Your Soul, thus

supporting Conscious Evolution.

2021 Topics (with guests) 

  • New Year 2021 Update: Challenges & Upliftment For Humanity - Transformation of Consciousness & Securing Positive Timeline 

  • Out of This World Medical Healing Holographic Medical Pods, Regenerative Medicines - Heal everything!

  • Exopolitics - The Hidden Truths You Have Not Been told

  • Meeting your Humanoid Galactic family

  • Meeting Your Non-Humanoid Neighbors

  • Galactic Federation of World's emissary and archeologist;  Elena Danaan with Weekly Updates

  • Declaration of Human Sovereignty & Artemis Accords

  • Secret meetings with ETs and heads of Nations working for the benevolence of all people

  • Multiple secret Space Forces and ET Alliances 

  •  Liberation of Humans Progressing = reported by Super Soldier guests- clearing ET scavengers form Earth & solar system

  • Avatar Body & ET Tech Suits

  • Human's True Origin & History of the Human Species

  • The First 2 Intergalactic Treaty Conferences with over 100 ETs that took place on Earth

  • Presidents Working with Extraterrestrials

  • Archeology, Anthropology & Amazing Discoveries; evidence of  ET advanced humans on Earth

  • Visiting Venus, The Moon & Mars with guests who have been there - Learn what you have not been told!

  • Telos - underground in Mt. Shasta, Ca. & Inner Earth Travels

  • Learn Details of Multiple Galactic Cultures we trade with

  • Learn what 22 ET species are in Human "Royal" DNA

  • Do You Have Alien ET Blood? Implications of your blood type and Rh Factor

  • Holy Hologram - "Need to Know" = Liberating new science perspectives; Amazing advanced Tech coming forward

  • Making the Impossible Possible = Creating your best probable future; How co-creators create

  • Laughter Yoga - Upping your daily happiness quotient, no matter what. Other ways to Keep Your frequencies raised

  • Radical Healing - Simple steps to step-up healing

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - Past life stories from sessions shared

  • Learn How to Bodywhisper - Assurance when you can’t afford insurance with your body to optimize health

  • To the Heart of the Matter - HeartMath - Quick Solutions for anxiety & fear

  • Take-Out Tools when on the run - Effective 1-3 minute   re-energizing  “recipes”

  • Attracting Soul-mending Synchronicities in Your Life =    Evidence of You Raising Your Frequencies

  •  Q &As of your choice- on anything! with Merrily online or on phone

  • The 'Big Picture View'- hear about Real News - It's Positive!

  • What’s This About Afterlife? - Near-Death Experiences & Afterlife Communication w/ Relatives via Electronic Technology-Sharing Wisdom with The Departed

  • Reincarnation Evidence of Remembered Past Lives

  • Relevant Reincarnation Facts to Know & Who the New Children Really Are

  • It’s Simply Elementals, My Dear - Pt 1 & Pt 2

  • Animal Communication - Part 1,  Part 2, & Part 3 (inspiring stories)

  • Plantwhispering - Scientific Proof that Plants & Trees “Talk"

  • Starseeds, Wanderers, & Lightworkers. (Merrily Christmas)