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Merrily's Radio & YouTube shows are called
Super Soul Solutions

As a holistic health therapist, healer, QHHT practitioner and researcher for 44 years in multiple subjects, I am excited to have been offered my own radio show and look forward to you joining me to hear vetted extraordinary guests that will provide you with first-hand experiences, positive updates & real news!  This time in history is truly challenging and exciting as together we are ensuring the positive timeline for our future! 

For those of you that are feeling a bit depressed or confused about the world,

you may be surprised to know that

WE ACTUALLY ALREADY HAVE HAD FOR 100 YEARS MANY OF THE SOLUTIONS WE NEED TO HEAL THIS PLANET AND OURSELVES NOW. Advanced technology like Regenerative Medical Beds, Sound Healing, Age Regression & Tesla Zero-Pt. Energy will be rolled out to civilians in our lifetime - it is up to us! 

I, along with innovative experts & Cosmic Brilliant guests will keep you appraised of these cutting-edge Solutions.

Why is this important?

Because you as co-creators,

can NOT envision and create

what you do not know exists or is possible.

2020 was filled with Fun Topics 

Visit Archives Here    

  • Claiming Your Co-Creator Birthright - You Have a Choice

  • The Upside of the 2020 Reset Transformation

  • 5 Favorite Techniques for Integrating Trauma

  • Reset Timeline (cycles) for 2020 & What to Expect

  • 3 Simple Keys to Manifesting a New Passionate Life

  • Access Future Self to Retrieve Abilities & Wisdom

  • Access Soul Consciousness through Direct Experience Journey

  • Human DNA: Is the past DNA tampering Reversible & How?  

  • Does Intelligent Water Exist? Yes - 4th Phase Water

  • Rare Q&A about the Soul/Atma - It’s Design & Capabilities

  • Ancient Archeology Meets Future Science - Romanian Discoveries!

  • Inside the Earth - Meet Inner Earth Civilizations & Discover HowMultiple ETs Steered the DNA of Humans to Evolve to a Higher State

  • What’s This About Afterlife? - Near-Death Experiences & Afterlife Communication w/ Relatives via Electronic Technology-Sharing Wisdom with The Departed

  • Reincarnation Evidence of Remembered Past Lives

  • Relevant Reincarnation Facts to Know & Who the New Children Really Are

  • It’s Simply Elementals, My Dear - Pt 1 & Pt 2

  • Animal Communication - Part 1,  Part 2, & Part 3 (inspiring stories)

  • Plantwhispering - Scientific Proof that Plants & Trees “Talk"

  • Starseeds, Wanderers, & Lightworkers. (Merrily Christmas)

SSS PIC 2020-03-17 at 9.02.21 PM.png

My Mission is to:

Ignite and Nurture the Unlimited Bandwidths of Your Soul, thus

supporting Conscious Evolution.

2021 Topics (with guests) 

  • New Year 2021 Update: Challenges & Upliftment For Humanity - Transformation of Consciousness & Securing Positive Timeline 

  • Out of This World Medical Healing Holographic Medical Pods, Regenerative Medicines - Heal everything!

  • Exopolitics - The Hidden Truths You Have Not Been told

  • Meeting your Humanoid Galactic family

  • Meeting Your Non-Humanoid Neighbors

  • Galactic Federation of World's emissary and archeologist;  Elena Danaan with Weekly Updates

  • Declaration of Human Sovereignty & Artemis Accords

  • Secret meetings with ETs and heads of Nations working for the benevolence of all people

  • Multiple secret Space Forces and ET Alliances 

  •  Liberation of Humans Progressing = reported by Super Soldier guests- clearing ET scavengers form Earth & solar system

  • Avatar Body & ET Tech Suits

  • Human's True Origin & History of the Human Species

  • The First 2 Intergalactic Treaty Conferences with over 100 ETs that took place on Earth

  • Presidents Working with Extraterrestrials

  • Archeology, Anthropology & Amazing Discoveries; evidence of  ET advanced humans on Earth

  • Visiting Venus, The Moon & Mars with guests who have been there - Learn what you have not been told!

  • Telos - underground in Mt. Shasta, Ca. & Inner Earth Travels

  • Learn Details of Multiple Galactic Cultures we trade with

  • Learn what 22 ET species are in Human "Royal" DNA

  • Do You Have Alien ET Blood? Implications of your blood type and Rh Factor

  • Holy Hologram - "Need to Know" = Liberating new science perspectives; Amazing advanced Tech coming forward

  • Making the Impossible Possible = Creating your best probable future; How co-creators create

  • Laughter Yoga - Upping your daily happiness quotient, no matter what. Other ways to Keep Your frequencies raised

  • Radical Healing - Simple steps to step-up healing

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - Past life stories from sessions shared

  • Learn How to Bodywhisper - Assurance when you can’t afford insurance with your body to optimize health

  • To the Heart of the Matter - HeartMath - Quick Solutions for anxiety & fear

  • Take-Out Tools when on the run - Effective 1-3 minute   re-energizing  “recipes”

  • Attracting Soul-mending Synchronicities in Your Life =    Evidence of You Raising Your Frequencies

  •  Q &As of your choice- on anything! with Merrily online or on phone

  • The 'Big Picture View'- hear about Real News - It's Positive!

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