2016 onward - Important Vaccine Announcement:

Dr. Len Horowitz and Alex Collier; spokesperson and in contact with 5th Dimensional beings from Andromeda, along with other researchers have warned not to receive vaccines; especially the latest Swine Flu, Ebola or COVID vaccines.The Andromedans say, "It will alter your DNA & brain permanently, (not for the better)  and may include controlling nanobot technology." Natural news has a transcript available of Dr. Hilleman's announcement. Please see: Vaccines Have Serious Side Effects - The Institute of Medicine Says So

"Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who has pioneered more breakthroughs in medicine than anyone in the history of America, admitted to the presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines."  I've met Dr. Len Horowitz at several conferences in the past, and wish to thank him for his tireless vaccine research/publications, and for uncovering this interview from the National Archives - insisting on it's release so you can learn the truth. 

Please listen to this 10 minute interview.

  Merrily's 2-min. intro. to a class of 60 nurses at St. Mary's Hospital in S.F., CA
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Merrily, You are marvelous, a healer, the natural poster-child for joy, and an entertaining and fun speaker. Our nurses voted and enjoyed your talk and teaching practicum as one of our key speakers. Your practical 3-minute self-care and patient care tips were creative and doable. I personally loved your C-A-R-E  acronym; Compassionate Attention with Responsible Encouragement. ... Your Laughter Yoga practicum was fun and a great ending to the event. It got everyone up and moving. I know of several of the nurses here who have mentioned that they had received benefits from your healing ministrations and counseling wisdom. They were very grateful. Anne Riley, R.N. Chair, Nursing Professional Development Council, St. Mary’s Hospital, S.F., CA.


 I've learned that a smile is an inexpensive way to improve looks. - Charles Gordy

Laughter is carbonated holiness.                                            -Annie Lamont, best-selling author

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HeartMath Institute here and their many studies re:  the heart perceptively, electrically, and magnetically is stronger than the brain.

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12 Attitudinal Healing Principles


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- Sperry Andrews   www.connectioninstitute.org

 Now - A scientific explanation for why  Affirmations & Hypnosis are powerful!          
DNA: Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf    


Please visit my BODYWHISPERING page to learn how to heal through Bodywhispering.

"THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.        


In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies without cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA”. Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!


According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and,  for communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently 'useless '90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. 


They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and DO have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA." [For the sake of brevity I will give only a summary here. For further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this article.]


The bottom line is: “Living chromosomes function just like (solitonic) holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of both DNA-alkaline pairs and language (as explained earlier), are of the same structure; no DNA decoding is necessary.

One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven. Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and, even to radio waves if the proper frequencies are being used.

This finally scientifically explains why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.


Garjajev’s research group succeeded in proving that with this method; chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example, can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of particular

DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome.

They also successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns!

This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation!

All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language; words, mantras and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course, the frequency has to be correct. And - this is why everybody is not equally successful, or can do it with the same strength. The individual person must work on their inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency. The higher developed an individual’s consciousness is, the less need is there for any type of device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will finally stop laughing at such ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn’t end there. (See my Bodywhispering page.)


The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper-communication is most effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries, or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hyper communication. In those states,  the information will be totally distorted and useless.

In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insects proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as “intuition". But we too, can regain full use of it. An example from Nature: When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. If the queen is killed, however, all work in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do. Apparently the queen sends the “building plans” also from far away via the group consciousness of her subjects. She can be as far away as she wants, as long as she is alive.


Please see Cleve Backster's experiments on my Plantwhispering page, proving this exists between plants and their owners and even sperm and their person whom the sperm was ejaculated from, even if miles away.


Two of thousands of examples are:

Hyper-communication is most often encountered in humans when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base. Such hyper-communication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition. The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory; called the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

When hyper-communication occurs, one can observe both in the DNA and in the human being, special phenomena. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen, a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many controlled experiments show that the pattern blueprint still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called the Phantom DNA Effect.


It is surmised that energy from outside space and time still flows through activated wormholes, even after the physical DNA was removed. A side effect in humans after hyper-communication, is inexplicable electromagnetic fields in their vicinity. Electronic devices like CD players and the like can also be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their energy work. The better the atmosphere and energy, the more often the  recording device stops functioning or recording, exactly at that moment. Repeated switching on and off after the session, does not restore function. However, by the  next morning, all is back to normal. Perhaps this is reassuring to read for many, as it has nothing to do with them being technically inept, it means they are good at hyper-communication.

In their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly. The authors also quote sources presuming that in earlier times, humanity had been like the animals; very strongly connected to the group consciousness acting as one group.

"To develop and experience individuality we humans however had to forget hyper-communication almost completely. Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can create a new form of group consciousness - one, in which we attain access to all information via our DNA ... We now know that just as the internet does; our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and establish contact with other participants in the network.

Remote healing, telepathy or “remote sensing' about the state of other people can thus be explained. Rupert Sheldrake's work made it clear that dogs and other animals know from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper-communication; often referred to as telepathy. (See Animalwhispering page.)

Hyper-communication in this new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain a type of group consciousness; they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! Humanity is moving toward such a Unified Consciousness - a new more evolved kind of human.  (See New Breed of Children page.) 


Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school. The school systems lump everyone together demanding adjustment; creating 50% problem children. However, now the individuality of today’s new children is so strong that that they refuse this kind of conformity ... 

At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are born". [Refer to the book, China’s Indigo Children by Paul Dongo.]

​"Something in those children is striving more and more towards the group/unity consciousness of the new kind, and it will no longer be suppressed. As a rule, weather is rather difficult to influence by a single individual. But, it may be influenced by a group consciousness - (nothing new here for some tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. Those same frequencies are also produced in our brains. When many people synchronize their thinking or individuals; (spiritual masters, for instance) focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then scientifically speaking, it not at all surprising when they can thus influence the weather."

​Researchers in group consciousness have formulated the theory of Type I-Type V civilizations. A humanity that developed a group/unity consciousness would have little environmental problems nor scarcity of energy."  (See my New Science page for suppressed free technology and a 13-year old 're-creating' it again for $15.00!)  "For this group were to use its mental power as a unified civilization, it would have cooperative control of the energies with it's home planet as a natural consequence. And, that includes circumventing natural catastrophes. A theoretical Type II civilization could likely be able to control all energies of their home galaxy. Did you know that whenever many people focus their attention or consciousness on something similar like, Christmas time, the football World Championship, or the funeral of Lady Diana in England; certain random number generators in computers start to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An coherent group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings! It has been proven that when a number of sincere people meditate together in synchronization, potentials for violence lessen significantly....a kind of humanitarian consciousness of all humanity is created. (The Global Consciousness Project)"  See examples of Coherent Group Consciousness Changing Reality


"DNA is also apparently an organic superconductor that works at normal body temperatures. Artificial superconductors require extremely low temperatures of between 200 and 140°C to function. Note: All super- conductors are able to store light and thus, information. This further explains how DNA can store information.


There is another phenomenon linked to DNA and wormholes. Normally, these super small wormholes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. Under certain conditions, stable wormholes can organize themselves which then form distinctive vacuum domains in which gravity can transform into electricity. Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy. There are regions in Russia where such radiant balls of light fly around and appear very often; especially seen and recorded flying from the ground upwards to the sky. Some vacuum domains also show up as shiny balls in the sky, and we have proven for ourselves that these balls can respond to our thoughts.  (See Orbwhispering page.) 


It was also discovered that vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency, just like our brains produce. This motivated the Russian's open-mind and curious nature to start massive research programs that lead to some of the discoveries mentioned above. Because of this similarity of waves; they are able to react to our thoughts. Of course, to run excitedly into one at ground level might not be such a great idea because those balls of light can contain immense energies and can mutate our genes. Many highly evolved spiritual teachers, such as young Ananda and Master Kan; when they are in hyper-communication - they can be photographed and produce such visible balls or columns of light while in deep meditation which usually surround them and do no harm."


Thousands of these kinds of photographs have been showing up from all around the world. 

Please take a look at photos of Master Kan found on Merrily's Wisdom & Whimsy page.

"Earlier generations that got in contact with such hyper communication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them. We cannot be too sure to what varied forms of consciousness we can get access to when using hyper-communication. We have simply made another giant step towards understanding our greater reality."

All information is taken from the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf,

ISBN 3930243237, summarized and commented by Baerbel. The book is unfortunately only available in German so far.

You can reach the authors here: www.fosar-bludorf.com

Transmitted by Vitae Bergman [  www.ryze.com/view.php?who=vitaeb ] References:   

1. http://noosphere.princeton.edu 2. fosar-bludorf.com 3.http://www.ryze.com/view.php?who=vitaeb


1/2 hr. of 'earthing' a day balances 5 different important health parameters in your body. Do you know why? Because our body belongs to Gaia, Mother Earth. Our bodies contain the intelligence of earth and rubber-soled shoes prevent beneficial energies to transfer to and from your body. It is important to be barefoot on our earth for both humans and all animals to rebalance.

Ayurveda - Science of Life

Brief introduction to the 6,000-year old Ayurveda healing science.


"What I do know is my purpose. I know who I am. I know where I come from. I know where I'm going. I know love, which is such a pitiful word for the experience to describe the bliss state. I know we are perfect. I know there is no trying. I know there's nothing to do. I know it's all okay. Anything and everything that happens in each and every moment is perfect, absolutely; designed. As I stand in that knowing and acceptance of those truths that live inside of me, I experience bliss. It really doesn't matter to me what's going on around me. I can be in the eye of that storm, where a horrendous experience is happening, and where horrendous experiences have happened to me. From another view it looks horrendous. But, from the view of the center, from the view of Source, from the view of unconditional Love, compaassion and acceptance, it's perfect. It's perfect, and THAT serves my reality." - Suzan Dallé

Suzan Dallé's Brain Integration

 Suzan's Brain Integration System is a way to balance left and right brain hemispheres and improve vision; accelerating wellness. 

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These are two X-rays of Suzan's ankle broken in multiple places and a huge tumor in her pelvis which is the huge black ball you see in the lower middle of the photo to the right.

Here you can see living proof of the power of one's intent when using Visualization to help heal. Suzan was focusing on sending light to the area of greatest discomfort. You can see the manifested ball of light that shows up as tangible light images in both X-rays.


As people begin to understand that they are first and foremost electro-magnetic energetic beings, their choices will begin to get more en-light-ened.

We should be seeing before long, companies providing things like electroceuticals and electrical nutritional consultations. 

ALKALINITY & HEALTH               


In the meantime, drink organic green juices daily; celery, cucumber, kale, 1/2 apple, and 1/2 lemon; to alkalize yourself and clean your blood for optimal health and energy.










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One recent breakthrough in "traditional Medicine". This has been proven and suppressed in the past. The power to heal almost anything is to treat frequencies that created it. We are electrical-magnetic beings. One small example that just came forth is this:

Study: ElectroCore's bioelectronic succeeds in treating menstrual migraine

by Amirah Al Idrus |

Oct 12, 2016 11:29am


ElectroCore’s noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation treatment showed success in treating menstrual-related migraines, one of the most common types of migraine that women experience.


The device, gammaCore, treats migraine and cluster headaches by delivering a mild electric signal to the vagus nerve through the skin of the neck. The hand-held device is about the size of a mobile phone. While the company is uncertain exactly how vagus nerve stimulation alleviates migraines and headaches, research suggests it may cause the brain to reduce the amount of glutamate, which has been associated with headaches.


GammaCore has a CE mark for the treatment and prevention of primary headache, including migraines. ElectroCore is still awaiting an FDA decision on the device. In addition to clinical trials for migraine and cluster headaches, the device is also in trials for gastric motility.


In an open-label study involving 56 women, therapy using the gammaCore cut the average number of migraine days by 35% and lessened the pain intensity of the migraines that did occur, according to a statement. And it decreased analgesic use by 37%.


“This is a significant result for the many millions of women who suffer from this particularly challenging form of migraine every month,” said Professor Licia Grazzi of the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, who led the study, in the statement. “The treatment, which the patient administers with gammaCore, is easy to use and has none of the usual side effects that many existing treatments cause.”


Bioelectronics, or electroceuticals, focus on stimulating the body to heal itself from illness. The theory behind it is to cause biochemical changes in the body that are typically brought about by drugs, and to use the treatments in tandem with drugs or to replace drugs altogether.

Among us scientists and medical technicians who worked in the underground secret projects, we know for a fact that 80% of the meds. from the pharmaceutical companies - the human body is allergic to.            - Emery Smith, Inventor, Scientist, Medical Technician, Veteran, Renaissance Man


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