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that have been photographed across the world by hundreds of people?
This is me, (Merrily), playing and dancing at night with hundreds of Orbs before the other campers arrived in the field, at the base of the Mt. Adam's portal, on James Gilliland's ranch. Below, you can also see the 'Orbs' that are diamond-shaped come visit me, which James told me are generally beings from Arcturus. Another source also said that the diamond shape/geometry usually implies they are of a scientific nature. A golden one is right on top of my crown chakra; perhaps telepathizing. (Camera is 40 feet away).                                                 Can you see all the faces in the enter of most of the orbs?
   Orbs moving fast create streamer-  like shapes - at James' ranch in 2008.


1. There are remote controlled balls of light that make most of the hundreds of world-wide crop circles. These balls are directed by ET ships, sometimes seen overhead, and often steered remotely by the Pleiadians, Arcturians and others. The reason ? to awaken our memory and suppressed knowingness; both consciously and through subconscious shapes and creative art that can only be thoroughly viewed from the skies; much like the ancient   Nazca Plains drawings. (From

2. There are orbs flitting around that can easily shape-shift into a fairy. Many are “elementals” zooming around. (See Michael's video as you scan down).

3. They are the consciousness of an individual popping in to check you out. They are manifesting into a 3 D world. Because 3D is so dense, they take on the circular shape. When a being or even your ancestors on the 'higher frequencies', project their consciousness into our reality; they show up like an Orb. The camera sees it if you don’t because it phase shifts in and out of 3 to 5th Dimension; and it's not limited by our incomplete conceptual understandings of (linear) time and space. You can see the actual faces of the soul impressions in the middle of many photos that I have provided you here. They come from many different galaxies and star systems in the Multiverse.

Orbs seem to be record gatherers of history and it’s people; relaying it instantaneously to one another and back to Source. They, for the most part, hold great wisdom and are willing to share with you if you desire. They know everything about you and your thoughts; (as all telepathic more awake species do.) (Thinking you can lie or have secrets is the ultimate illusion.) They continue to grow, learn, expand and unify; just like humans do - who have common intention. Here's perhaps a wild concept for many of you. Some of these Orbs could even be you from the future.


Orbs have lived lifetimes as human … and countless other forms....just as you have. This is imperative to embrace if we are to reunite consciously back into a galactic family of multiple species, inherent in this Multiverse. Orbs have come and gone here since the original creation of Gaia-Earth. They interact with many galactic Beings and UFOs as benevolent and record Star Keepers.

 Above and to right are beautiful orbs taken  on James Gilliland's ranch portal in 2008 at            the Transformation Conference in WA.                           
Returning from ECETI in 2008, I stopped by a girlfriend's home to visit and sleep over. I told her about my exciting week at ECETI ranch and showed her the pictures of me surrounded in orbs. She wanted to try to call them in also; so...we went out to her pitch black back yard. I could barely see her, and I told her to think joyous and playful thoughts to attract them. Outloud, we both asked the orbs if they would be willing to show themselves on camera now. She threw her arms up as she asked and I snapped one picture only. We could visibly see nothing. She came running back to me so be could both see if anything showed up on the camera shot. You can see the results; two orbs at the end of her hands came in response to her call. Elizabeth and I started giggling like little kids. 
Anyone can do this; as long as they like your energy.
Anne snapped this shot of a UFO (IFO) ship entering the Mt. Adams underground base from James' field where 125 of us camped for a week. I saw 11 ships/UFO/IFOs that responded by flashing back super brightly to us, when we pen lazered them. It's super easy to see much more with night-vision field goggles on. When our camera batteries ran out, we would hand them to James. He would hold one in his hand and re-charge it with his energy in only two minutes. That's what I call "powered up"!
When I first met James at an event in Berkeley, Ca.; he said "I know you and remember you." I smiled and said,  "Yes, among them, some Viking lifetimes and aboard ships together." We both laughed.
Photo of James below shows him merged with huge Higher Consciousness Orb.   
          Orb showing
       concentric rings 

A Message from the Orb - Minashi

This comes from Planet of the Orbs at

"We are alive, sentient beings who are not bound by your third dimensional rules. We travel when and where we please, simply because we can. As your planet reaches this critical stage in your evolution, we are here as all StarKeepers are, - to smooth the transition.

We as orbs find most humans fascinating and extremely curious. Most of you see things through third-dimensional eyes, missing all the wondrous beauties that surround you. Life is abundant with mystery and rarities. Why is it that so many of you refuse to use what God/Source has given you? We, like you, are continually evolving. We search for answers and seek betterment in ourselves, just as you were intended to do. We are orbs, we are living entities experiencing all that life has to offer. At times, we also take human form. We are not so much different you and I. In the earlier days, before the invention of your 'digital cameras,' only those of you who knew that everything is alive and related to everything else, were able to see us. We, when asked, are ready and willing to assist you humans in your evolutionary process. We are not here to hide or bewilder or bedazzle, or confuse you as to our presence. We have always been, just as you have always been upon this planet you call earth. The totality of our expression is mirrored in All That Is. – Salave,  Minash"

Why Are Orbs Here Now?

They are interdimensional beings and are here at this most pivotal time in earth and galactic history. Why? It’s why you are here; whether you are conscious of it or not. It’s why “Life on other planets” disclosure is ramping up now as well -- to help the convergence from third dimensional reality to higher dimension(s). Some people train themselves to see them during the day time. Know that your eye vision is trained to see only what it knows to exist as predetermined by your programming. People who have developed their “third eye; second sight” will have an easier time of it. All of our God-given abilities will begin to come ‘on line’ in this next age.

I highly recommend buying a beautiful and eye-opening video, Orbs: Clues To A More Exciting Universe, (which includes 500 orb images with portals forming around Miceal. Miceal Ledwith, Ph.D. and former Professor of Theology for 16 years, has a purse-size 50 image book, The Orb Project. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a Washington conference. In his distance past, he was a spiritual advisor to the Vatican, and has a very subtle sense of humor spoken in a delightful Irish brogue. He has the largest collection of Orb photographs in the entire world; around 100,000 to date.

The above 2007 book is co-authored by Dr. Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D in experimental physics from the University of Tubingenin, Germany. He worked in the field of Materials Science at NASA, UCLA and Stanford University. He is passionate about the study of Orbs, and believes he has eliminated all common problems associated with photography; such as dust particles and water droplets. "The photographs of these Orb Spirit emanations offer evidence, as close to scientific proof as we have ever come; in proving the existence of Spiritual Reality."  Dr. Klaus Heinemann

Micael has accumulated over 100,000 images; the largest collection of Orb images in the world. What is really cool is that after two years of taking photos of Orbs; he can now see them with his naked eyes. Dr. Miceal Ledwith states, "Once you develop a keen and sustained interest in photographing Spirit entities like Orbs; some quite interesting things begin to happen. The brain stops censoring these images."    


Let’s hear it for openness and persistence.      Visit this website and testimony of souls as orbs.

         Gorgeous Close-up
Above are many rainbow-colored orbs. Orbs which may symbolize highly evolved souls. Different colors and sizes perhaps relates to the age of the soul or spirit. Different shapes often differentiate their key functions, or their point of Origin. (Scroll down to watch the video of the  incredible multi-color living Orb-Being performing for the audience.)
The gold-green one above (at about the 8:00 position), has an almost identical shape to one(s) that showed up in outer space and swarmed the Space Shuttle STS' tether when it accidentally broke off.                                                 >>>>>
Do you see the face in this orb?
posted on      or
   Symbolic representation of orbs or Elementals using a               portal to pop from 4th to 3rd Density/Dimension.

Dr. Miceal Ledwith says the color of an orb is related to frequency, wavelength and voltage. Depending on the energy of light photons emitted by the orb, the

electron volts will create a wavelength in either the ultraviolet, visible light, or infrared range. Ledwith suggests that the light frequencies that the orbs project may well be evidence of various realms of existence that orbs come from.

There's a lot of diversity out there; just like here on earth. As above, so below.
"Merrily, I can see orbs and they communicate with a light medium.
You are right … Most Orbs are souls. Many have bodies aboard space ships."      Michael Wilson, Joshua Tree, CA.
Look at the most beautiful detail in these two Orbs to the right. They remind me     of the Tibetan monk's         sacred sand drawings >>
A black hole in the middle, like the center of our galaxy, and the center of our cells...

I just came across Virginia's website who uses the identical name as my banner subheading, Orbwhisperer.

(I will have to contact her - looks like a soul sister). Here are some fantastic orb spirit faces

from her website,

A normal size orb photo is below and a blown up version is to the right;

so you can see the face much more easily. Do you see it?

 Credit for these orb-face photos
goes to
The above orb's face almost looks Jesus-like.           The photo on the right shows another surprising place Jesus reappeared. Once again;          he's having to deal with too much shit. >


While I have been researching orbs these last eight years, I came across the photos below under Orb Photos, Aguascalientes. I had to share them with you. Beautiful orb spirit beings and faeries are responding to different individuals who sincerely are calling them in.
 Feeling something behind me.
   This is like trying to herd cats.
Hey Mr. Bright-Are you the head honcho?
  I can't stand this disorganization. Listen up; Right-brainer Orbs to the right; left brainers to the left - good!
Honey; I'm getting so many new ideas.   Light bulbs are going off in my head.
Obviously an over-achiever ...
 Understated mastery
Like mother . . . like daughter 
        This puts a whole new              meaning to being 'turned on'
SEE A FAIRY APPEAR (20 seconds into the video) in a flash in the lower right corner.  Michael, my friend who is watching
the orbs on his laptop, asked one of the orbs he knew was a fairy, "Would you please appear for the camera?" and she did.  >>>
You can also see her wings in the lower right corners
of the two still photos below.  
"We are all Orbs out of our bodies. We are various light emanations with imaging powers. The Master Architect is the Spirit within; Whole Light Beings. That is what is meant by the 'Son and (Daughters) of Light'. Orbs can appear anyway they want. They are literally our counterparts in the Higher Heavens. We are what they are; they in the non physical, us in the physical. They want communication to spread about them and for us to know our true nature. It's a return of our real image; a Living, thinking brain cell of Power, within the Divine Mind. It is useful to break with body-form identity here; since our bodies are only vehicles for expressing appearances and experience in the physical worlds."           - Michael Wilson, Joshua Tree, CA.
Fairy orbs arriving fast at James Gilliland's Ranch in WA. when a man called in angels & fairies with a prayer, and.....................on R >> 
Voilà - Several faeries responded!  
See my Faery/Elementalwhispering page 
for wonderful close-ups of faery photos.

    For Mermaid & Cetacean Friends

 A Dolphin Orb-Being 'swims' in to visit the humans at James Gilliland's Ranch.
   Dolphins traveling with         amazing Orb Pod Beings.       85% of Dolphins here on      Earth are now considered          to be water-humans.
   Joan Ocean, swimming into an underwater         orb portal. Four photos from
  Whales with Orbs in Underwater Vortex - Joan Ocean

Can Humans See Orbs?

Dr. Miceal Ledwith says, "Orbs are sometimes visible to the naked eye outside the visible spectrum of                                     light, so orbs may be visible to us in certain states of consciousness."

          Most spiritual encounters happen between 'the witching hours'; 2-4 am; when our physical,                                                    psychological defenses, and perceptions are at their lowest.


Like the Elemental kingdom; some people can see them out of the corner of their eyes or with ‘soft vision’. Below is a beautiful video of a friend’s family room where indoor security cameras have picked them traveling in groups at warp speed; generally coming up from the earth towards the source; ‘traversing through our dimension and capturing the essence of the moment’. The orbs are most often seen vertically descending down on the rays (that contain information) from our star to the center of the earth depositing energy, and returning back up vertically through our 3rd dimensional reality to the sun (and moon) to recharge themselves.

From 2012 onward; these sightings of Orbs, spaceships and probably by 2018, actual ET brethren will increase. It will be easier due to the higher energy wave coming from the Great Central Sun and the raising of our frequencies as the previous blinders come off our eyes and programmed beliefs leave our brains. As we evolve, we will soon be attracting them, and even magnetizing them ourselves. Why? We have the multidimensional ability to send fragments of our own consciousness out into the world and access various timelines, and even parallels for more exploration, and consequently, greater soul growth; not to mention activate our dream-states more.  How wonderful is that ? 

Watch this beautiful 2 min. gyrating multi-color
Orb-Being or possible 'spaceship' (Laislie Isabella)
ORB HIGHWAY in the middle of my friend, Claire's home.
Orb Souls Traveling From Earth to Space at warp-speed. 
         John Enderman speaking at UFO convention
 ORB with Wayne Dwyer, motivational speaker 
Cat-like Beings coming through portal on James Gilliland's land!
6th Density/Dimension Sirian Feline Being. She, Cha, is very tall and playful.          Photo by Master Kan
Click here for more on the wide variety of Humanoid Cat species.
Great photo of Drs. Professor JJ Hurtak
and Desiree Hurtak. He appears to be looking right at the blue Orb, and perhaps telepathizing with it since he has had much profound communication with the Higher Realms ... 

The circular Orb form is the geometric shape that is best protective and malleable for travel in this universe. Look at the shape of our sun and planets and that should be a hint. Orbs, like many other species, including secret military and elite spacecraft; use wormholes and portals for efficient superluminal travel. Check out my Portal Popping™ page, an efficient way for rapid healing and manifesting.

Orbs are sentient Beings that appear to be plasma-like, and whom are attracted to people from similar Star Families or whom are of similar frequency or vibration. They, like the fairies, prefer people of purer intent; that are playful and respectful. They have access to knowledge of higher dimensions and can telepathically share that with us. They are explorers and record keepers and relayers; (a function that I feel an affinity with). All information is immediately conveyed to one another. This is the gift of true telepathy and the recognition that all are connected in One Field, albeit exploring in individuated forms.

I loved this explanation from

"Basically there are three types of orbs; there are the completely matured adult orbs, those in puberty, and the infants, teeny ones. Orbs "birth" other orbs, the orbs are self propagating. They birth/emit the tiny orbs at specific timelines when the adult orbs have absorbed all the data on this planet they came here to analyze. When they emit the new orbs, each new orb carries a type of genetic encoding. This means that all the qualities perfections, quirks, wisdom, love … that orb #1 possesses, undergoes a ‘form of transference’ to the newly emerging orb. Because they access and contain 'infinite knowledge' -their own magnetic force-field expands like a direct ray of light. They are then in alignment -  in ‘geometric correlation’ to all other orbs sharing the same commonalities. This has the affect of attracting each to the other, while at the same time passing on the knowledge and wisdom that each individual orb has gathered in their travels."

  For those of you who wish to learn more technical advice to distinguish between            authentic anomalous orb photos vs. environmental particles ... Read On ...

Dan Drasin, media producer, earning over 24 international awards as a filmmaker, photographer, audio guy, and writer with abiding interest in finding more expansive and penetrating ways of perceiving reality, and advancing our compassionate understanding of ourselves, our world and our universe.

Dan has been a long-time dear friend of mine and I always treasure his sage counsel in such anomalous matters such as this.

He just finished a spectacular movie validating communication with 'deceased' family and friends through television, radio, and other instrumentation.

His stellar movie is called Calling Earth, which you can find here: Calling Earth

Dear Merrily,

I think the videos you are sharing are a great start, since, anomalous Spirit Lights and Orbs do indeed exist. The ones in the videos your friends sent you on your website are pretty interesting … It's hard to tell whether they're anomalous or not. I think they could be, but it depends on many things.


Here are two ways to make sure to differentiate dust particles with the genuine article, as well as offer an experiment for those readers who wish to ‘go the extra mile’. Also, consider that some genuine orbs could be dust particles that could be created and/or manipulated by various energetic entities.


To be sure, the next step would be to set up your camera and light source so that legitimate ‘spirit lights’ are not confused with, or obscured by, "particulate orbs."


These are a common phenomenon to which many modern digital cameras are prone, and which are often confused with genuine paranormal manifestations. Sadly, these "false positives" have given certain paranormal photography a bad rap, because they can be explained away in ordinary terms by someone who has expertise in photography and such matters.


Ruling out or eliminating these false positives is actually very easy to do. I describe how to do it below. But first, let me explain the problem in simple terms:


 Surveillance cameras, mobile-phone cameras, and many common point-and-shoot cameras tend to have very wide-angle lenses. One of the characteristics of such lenses is great depth of field, which means that the camera can be in fairly sharp focus from infinity down to a few centimeters from the surface of the lens.


 The second factor is the proximity of the light source to the lens. The closer the light is to the lens, the more likely it is to illuminate tiny dust particles floating within centimeters, or even millimeters, of the lens surface -- literally hundreds of times more brightly than objects six feet away. Unfortunately, the compact size of modern cameras tends to constrain the light source (flash or LED) to being very close to the lens. So, in effect, the camera is acting like a powerful microscope that makes visible any minuscule dust particles (and/or moisture droplets outdoors) that pass through this small zone, floating on micro-currents of air.  We're normally unaware of these particles or air currents, partly because they're too small for our senses to register them.


With that said, let me suggest two ways and one experimental idea to evaluate with this phenomenon.


1. One way is to rule it out by using two cameras spaced several feet apart, and comparing their results. Since the false positives will be unique to a particular camera, any lights or Orbs seen by both cameras cannot be explained as above, and thus, are more likely to be paranormal. Separating the cameras will also let you determine stereoscopically the actual spatial positions of any spirit lights that manifest in the room.


2. The other way is to use a single camera, but to eliminate the possibility of false positives entirely by separating the light source from the camera. If you can completely block or disable the camera's built-in LED and use a separate light source - that should do the trick. Just be sure that the light source is pointing out into the room and that there is a solid, opaque object between the light source and the camera, preventing any of the light from falling directly on the camera.

If you can achieve either of these conditions, I think you can be confident that any anomalous lights you pick up will be more solidly evidential and, skeptic-proof!


3. Here’s another idea for photographing including another witness in the room as well. I understand that most ‘spirit lights’ tend to be visible to those in the room. So, a way to increase the evidential value of videos, would be for you to roll the camera while participant(s) sitting in the same room as one camera within view of the other camera, raise their hands when they see lights or other manifestations. That would be a fun, valid experiment for you to do.


Also, let me know the exact make and model of your various friend’s security cameras or digital cameras that are capturing these Orbs. That will give me additional information in which to assist you further if needed.


Best wishes Merrily, and keep up the good work!

= Dan

P.S. from Merrily - Dr. Ledwith has data to show that orbs can manipulate the electromagnetic charges being recorded by the camera. He suggests that using an ionizing meter can corroborate the presence of orbs as their appearance seems to accompany a change in ionization. Gauss meters measure gravitational fields and also help with detection of orbs.

Please continue with some of Dr. Miceal Ledwith's findings:

Why Do Orbs Fluorescence?

 In The Orb Project, Dr. Ledwith states that, "if the attraction

of free electrons through ionization is what enables orbs to

fluoresce, then the orbs must be electromagnetic in nature,

and most likely are energy fields of some kind."


Fluorescence is when a molecule absorbs light of one energy

and later emits light of a lower energy. While photographing

orbs, Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D., co-author of The Orb Project

discovered that orbs fluoresce. He found that orbs would

occasionally appear in the shape of a hexagon. Since objects

scatter, reflect or absorb light, he realized that

something else must be the cause for the hexagon shape.

The hexagons are created by the leaves on the shutter of the

camera as it closes, and this could only happen if the leaves

were blocking an outside light source. He concluded that these

orbs must be their own light source.

 The clue to this discovery was ionization. "Ionization occurs when electrons are propelled from one atomic shell to another." 3 Ledwith surmised that the orbs absorb the photon energy emitted from the flash, which forces the electrons in the orb up and out of their molecules. The molecules then become positive ions. If the electron attaches itself to a positive ion it can give off a photon equal in energy to the energy given up by the formerly free electron. The electron’s frequency determines the frequency and color of the photon.

Ledwith says that “it is now possible for the atmosphere’s molecules to radiate in any color of the light spectrum.” This photon energy is then captured on the charged coupling device of your digital camera in the form of low wave infrared light. While the orbs emit this low wave infrared light, we are seeing the results of the infrared light converted into an adjacent lower frequency on our cameras.  Science has assumed that human vision only operates within the limited range of the electromagnetic spectrum, but Orbs are visible to the human eye on occasion. This appears to coincide with the vibrational level of the individual at the time of the occurrence.

Ledwith continues, "Several Nobel prize winning physicists have posited that the "physical world" is one vast sea of energy...(that) it apparently all continually flashes in and out of existence in a fraction of a second. It appears solid to us only because we vibrate at the same frequency...the infrared wavelength is the closest to our physical realm.  

The Orb Project, Miceal Ledwith D.D., LL.D.,Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., (Atria Books, Beyond Words,2007)
Excerpt from A Veil is Lifting  Miceal Ledwith:
Excerpt from A Veil is Lifting-Klaus Heinemann:

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