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              Super Soul Solutions & Abilities

  The Multidimensional Aspects                Of  Our Oversoul

  The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
                         ~  W.B. Yeats
         Suzan Dallé, Extraordinary Healer                             What I Do Know
Click picture of Alexandra McIntyre above to access short     teaching on: Developing Presence & Acessing Our Full Potential

Q: What is my purpose in life?
A: To  bring Presence, Awareness, Consciousness, of your Divine nature as a powerful Co-Creator with Source and others - into this world for the benefit of All That Is/Creation.

Q: What can I do that is a simple, effective
30-45 minute process that for most has
permanent benefits? 
How about grab your roomate, family member, or
friend, and commit to one agreed upon time, once a
month to jointly focus on a unified positive vision for
the world? This vision is decided by the group (2 or
more). It is important to remember to focus on what
you wish to create - positive intent; NOT what you
think is wrong. See & feel it happening.

Q: What's the best use of my sacred life force?
B. Raise Your Freqeuncies! See my show -Ep 35 that will
tell you simple and fun ways too raise your frequencies-
everyone's #1 job on the planet right now!Also,
Consider forming a small group; two or more, 
neighbors, family - to encourage meditating or 
planning together with a shared common vision,
or, to use for healing. Discuss each participant's ideas and concepts for a better community and more joyful lifestyle. Explore what that looks like and feels like! Agree on that vision and together hold that consistently in your thoughts and feelings as often as you can. Step into it.
Mathematically speaking; it only takes a small number of people unified with a common goal, to exponentially and energetically create an easier, more loving reality for everyone.

If you wish to change the habit of your fear and anxiety, please consider taking responsibility by lessening or stopping the time spent listening or reading mainstream news; (at least until it is no longer censored by the same five corporations).
Also, please see the meditation effectiveness suggestions that have 100 Benefits on the Products page.  TM takes no more than 20 minutes 2x's a day. Don't panic. Start - even if you have only ten minutes.

Click title for a short teaching by Alexandra McIntyre; meditation teacher for 40 years

See 4 min. video in golden box above for more explanation. It has been scientifically proven numerous times that a united small group who meditate with a focused similar intent is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE for CHANGING REALITY!

This can be done by yourself. However,  united long-distance with others in a focused intent, at the same time, is both easy and truly makes a difference. Even better, is to gather a small group of friends that wish to to do something to contribute to shift the world to a lighter reality. It's a small investment of energy for large returns for humanity and Mother earth. Even, once a week is wonderful. Visit World Peace Group here.

   Let's be united by our intentions, not divided by our ideas and concepts.         LOVE IS THE FIRST EVIDENCE OF ONENESS. - Matt Kahn, Spiritual Teacher/Angel

Simon on SSS

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. 

     - Albert Einstein

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