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"My all-day QHHT session with you was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life - so powerful and so healing. You have this spiritual wisdom about you that was something I have never seen before. Having that knowledge in front of me, encompassed with your charm and compassion made it so easy for me to see WHO I really am and WHY I am here. I highly encourage anyone who is ready to be the spirit they are really meant to be; to book a QHHT appointment with you. It was truly amazing and the best birthday present for myself. Thank you Merrily." ~ Pilar H., Ca. 9/2018


So much gratitude for your generosity of  consulting you provided as well as the QHHT session. You exude such light-heartedness and joy - which truly inspires me to not take laugh so seriously. Sharing such an abundance of useful information; I learned so much from you! Here it is several weeks later and I continue to feel much lighter and a sense of peace has overcome me. It was such a pleasure." ~ Kiran M. Ca. 2/2019

"Merrily - you are freakin' awesome. A big huge thank you for assisting me to truly learn to trust in myself - to have my firm foundation. I could really sit hours with you (which we did), and soak in everything that we were discussing back and forth. There's so much to remember and understand n this lifetime. So exciting!"            ~ Paulina S. Ca. 11/2019

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Schedule an appointment!

For QHHT sessions or any questions,

please contact me here.


I’m presently taking appointments

             on Fridays, Wednesdays          (& some Sundays) at 10:00 a.m.

Can be done on Skype depending on person.

I am offering in my practice a simple, self-empowering technique that allows my clients to access a state of quantum healing through deep relaxation. The technique was developed by Dolores Cannon, the creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), who is regarded the world over as a master of hypnotherapy.  (Visit Dolores Cannon's website here.)  During the last 30 years, Dolores has successfully worked with thousands of clients around the world using this technique, and is the author of 17 books that recount the journey of the soul experienced by her clients during their sessions. Through her 45-year career, Dolores has developed and honed this deep relaxation technique to liberate optimal healing potential in the clients, and provide access to more expansive perspectives and abilities regardless of age, gender, physical ailments, and religious or cultural upbringing.


 What is a QHHT trance? Most people feel it is similar to those times when you wake up during the night from a deep sleep, when you can easily go back to sleep, or like daydreaming. As science has shown, we regularly experience forms of trance states during an ordinary day: for example, when our brains become "entranced" within a few minutes of watching television, and yet we remain aware of everything going on around us, able to talk and eat in these altered states.


The illuminating and healing aspect of QHHT centers on Dolores’ technique of accessing a deeper part of ourselves at the core of consciousness; a part often referred to as the Superconscious, the Higher Self, the Oversoul, the Universal Mind or simply as experience of conscious Oneness. The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and is aware of everything. It IS your Highest Self and there are no secrets kept from it.


Dolores found that this deeper self is an infinitely knowledgeable, powerful and loving aspect of every individual, always available, capable of answering any question, and able to facilitate rapid emotional and/or physical healing.  She calls it the Subconscious/SC or Superconscious. If asked, it may show you images, scenes and symbols from relevant past or parallel lives. We find that, since many phobias cannot be explained solely from experiences in the present life, we can use QHHT to explore past lives, understand the source of anxieties or phobias, and allow understanding and deeper healing to occur.


The conscious mind and ego, according to the bestseller, The User Illusion, Cutting Consciousness Down To Size, by Tor Norretranders, can process approximately 11- 40 bits of information per second, while the Subconscious mind can process about 11 - 40 million bits per second. The Superconscious/Higher Self, in our experience, is unlimited and brimming with useful information. Dolores tells us that the SC/Subconscious and Superconscious “do not lie,” and, respecting the client’s Free Will, can access the answer to any question they have if they are willing to receive and listen.



As a QHHT Certified Dedicated Practitioner of Levels 1 and 2, I guide you to access the SC and Superconscious, to help you achieve what you’re ready to achieve in the moment, in any given session.  In the same way, your own SC chooses what to show you in harmony with your intentions, your specific questions, and your capacity to integrate what you are learning, in accord with the QHHT main objective: "Do No Harm." My job is to facilitate that process by asking your pre-prepared questions for you, a technique which allows you to stay in a more receptive right brain mode.


The Law of Free Will on this planet requires that you must ask first, if you wish to receive, and then be willing to receive.  I have found that if you are asking the question at this time, the answer may already exist within you. The SC/Subconscious and Higher Self will only choose to give information to you that is appropriate and beneficial at the time of your QHHT session, based on your specific questions you ask. It is quite literal. The healing aspect of this technique allows the Highest Self to provide comfort, support, loving recognition, and greater understanding of the different areas of your life.



We are coming into a new age where therapists are constantly discovering new ways of thinking about mental and physical healing. Many have come to believe that our beliefs, thoughts, intentions and feelings help create our reality, that as individuated aspects of an Intelligent Oneness, we are creators-in-training, and can affect matter directly. These concepts can be extremely challenging to consider at first. Yet, if we consider that all matter, emotions and even "diseases" are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies, then we can imagine that thought is a projection of that energy. Through awareness and choice, we can exercise conscious control over our thoughts, unintimidated by old thinking patterns that no longer serve us or humanity, and thus change our lives and world for the better. Emotions, negative internal talk, even spoken words, such as "I love you" or "I hate you,” can have profound effects on physical matter.


This unique QHHT technique helps provide an understanding of why a disease, discomfort, or pain is present, or why a particular recurring emotion or anxiety has been prevalent in your life. QHHT gives your own SC/Higher Self, with your permission, the opportunity to relieve various conditions according to your capacity to do such things as allow healing, or forgive yourself and others. The work and benefits can continue after the session, since you may listen to your  take home audio recording of the session afterwards. In actuality, you are the healer, in the capacity of your SC and Higher Self.  As a certified QHHT practitioner, it is my job to facilitate this process.

Schedule an appointment!

For QHHT sessions or any questions,

please contact me here.


I’m presently taking appointments

             on Fridays, Wednesdays             (& some Sundays) at 10:00 a.m.

Can be done on Skype depending on person.

The initial interview, intuitive consultation and question review, which will run 3 hours minimum, will take place as you relax on a comfortable couch or chair and healthy food will be provided. We will address any expectations and questions that you might have, that once answered, allow for easier letting go and acceptance of what is, without forcing or feeling you have to perform in some way. For your actual hypnosis session, you will be lying on a massage table for 2 hours, sometimes more, fully clothed, with pillows and blankets provided as needed. As of 2020, Skype or Zoom sessions are available to accommodate those long distance.

One session may be enough, but after thoroughly researching Dolores' cases, it seems to me that the majority of insightful healings came from people who had an average of three sessions.  Why is this?  Often, the first session experience is so new, that the conscious left-brain mind is still learning to trust and stay out of the way.  This is precisely why I spend a lot of time first, addressing concerns and intuitively educating. You are learning during the session to relax into the deeper Theta brain state, the state right before sleep, for greater access and integration.  In addition, while your SC or Higher self usually answers every question, it may sometimes respond that it cannot give that information at this time because, that specific information given now, “could act more like a poison, than a balm.”  When you come a second time, you may get answers to that question due to the fact that you’ve been able to integrate previous information and are ready. I hope that helps. Feel free to call me with any questions.

What are my fees?


1st Session: 4.5 - 6 hrs.  $470.00

  • 2 - 3 1/2 hrs. general history, clarifying intent and questions, key players, health and healing

  • 1 1/2 - 2 hr. (max.) QHHT session

  • 1/2 hr. follow-up review; allows time to recap answers and be fully alert to drive home and eat


2nd & 3rd Sessions: 1.5 - 3.5 hrs. $395.00 EACH

  • 1 - 3 hrs. interview and clarify questions;

  • 2 hr. (max.) hypnosis session;

  • 1/2 hr. review discussion

Series of 3 Sessions: $950.00

(Discount -$310.00, offer for 3 prepayment sessions only, prefer cash please.)

If you choose 3 sessions by prepayment, know that in each successive session, we can pick up right where we left off, allowing 15-20 additional minutes of time, and an opportunity to explore more deeply.

Note: All 3 sessions must be completed within 2 years maximum, from the first session date.

To find out more about the successes that Dolores reports with clients who have had cancer, AIDS, heart conditions, organ illnesses, joint cartilage issues, skin problems and more, visit her website or search her on YouTube. Check show with Dr. Brian Weiss & Katie C.    


Please Note: Dolores claims that bipolar clients have had success in reducing or eliminating their medication through QHHT, but stipulates that it is not a suitable modality for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, multiple personality, or certain other disorders requiring the care of specialists.


Merrily, I finally was able to listen to my QHHT session today. I have to tell you - you are wonderful at this. Your knowledge of the other realms encompassed by your compassion, understanding and lightheartedness were so comforting to listen to. You artfully interjected a question or statement that guided me along just at the right time. I now have a much deeper understanding of myself. Thank you for being the wonderful spirit you are. I am honored to have found you to help me on my path.

- Ms. Headley, Ca. 2018

“Merrily, I am feeling really centered and happy today; the tightness I had been feeling in my throat is all but gone, which is amazing…everything that happened, felt so effortless and true. Thanks so much for an amazing experience! It’s truly life-changing.”    - Deb K. M.V., CA. 6/2013


“Thank you Merrily for the great QHHT session.  It was fun and very informative for me. It put so many things into place that I had felt about myself for so long. The healing and link-ups are still ongoing.  My hernia feels like it’s almost healed, my knees are free of discomfort and the couple of things I was worried about are gone. Now it’s time for me to do what I want, write. Thank you for being so willing to explore together.”    - S.B.  Mill Valley, CA. 6/2013


“Merrily, I really appreciated your skill and ability at helping me re-phrase my questions more clearly and precisely for maximum healing results during our interview time together. What was amazing was by doing the re-framing of my questions together, that level of deeper awareness allowed me to go into a more peaceful, expanded state, and be much less ADHD and resistant.  A couple of days after our session, a great insight and clarity came to me...! Thank you for that.”  - J. P.  Mill Valley, CA. 6/2013


“Merrily, you are the most trustworthy and generous of souls. Thank you for all that you are and do. I woke up very refreshed and renewed this morning after my session. Today, following the advice of my Subconscious, I bought a canvas and some paint and downloaded the audio you made of my session.  All is fine, including my ribs that were hurting before the session.”    - Jim M. Oakland, CA. 6/2013


“I had been hypnotized before with another practitioner using a more traditional hypnotherapy method which was good. This technique, I found facilitated my healing by self-empowering me! You were so generous with your time and encouragement; listening to my story for 5 hours! Getting in touch with my own ‘Higher Self’ and allowing the healing and answers to come through me was validating, though at times I thought I was making it up.  You told me, "If you know enough to ask the questions, you already contain the answers within you." I guess it was there all along. It was such a relief, for the first time in a long time to feel less physical pain and more energy. Usually by late afternoon at work, I am exhausted, grumpy, have no energy, can barely walk and have a lot of knee pain. Already, within a few hours after my session, I have more energy and much less joint aches. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had the QHHT session; just wanted to thank you Merrily!”    - Deborah R.  Berkeley, CA. 6/2013


“Thanks for everything yesterday. Wow, I'm so amazed at the wonderful adventure.  Happy, happy! Thanks a bunch.”  Al A.  6/2013   (Follow-up 2 months later re: my QHHT session) “I’m still feeling great, have a much lighter heart and healthier. I now feel more certain that it is right that I am here on Earth and who I am is needed here, just as I am.”    - Al A. Fairfax, CA. 8/2013


“That was powerful! I now understand my main fear that I couldn't resolve came from those 3 lifetimes and brutal death scenes. I appreciated the option you gave me to observe, because I was really there; it was more visceral than I expected. It all came so clear, and I am still processing. The reason for my nervousness and paralysis when I spoke publicly is feeling more integrated now. Hearing the certainty, clarity and power that my Higher Self spoke with, assuring me that I will be safe in this lifetime and will not have to go through that again, was comforting. These past several days, the old fears and concerns continue to release more, and I feel good. I started to implement my ‘Higher Self’s’ health suggestions for me; have broken through my resistance and am feeling more empowered and strong. Thank you for your generosity of time, caring follow-through, and good facilitation.” - Beth G. Mill Valley, CA. 6/2013


“Thanks so much, Merrily. I am still in awe of this work and of your skills! Yesterday working at the hospital, I felt like a bright light walking around. Everyone who walked by me smiled! What a transformative experience!”   - Dr. Barbara R.B. San Rafael, CA. 8/2013


“Thank you for helping me, Merrily. I have a greater sense of well-being since the session. I see the next step in my development and feel assured about the book, (in spite of some previous disappointments.) The world as we know it will not suddenly come to an end without my input!  Each day is beautiful and I feel more relaxed, feeling things are unfolding as they are supposed to. I’m very grateful for your generosity and care.”    - Jen D. Concord, CA. 8/2013


“MOST interesting QHHT session with you yesterday. THANK YOU for your full intuitive, spiritual, physical, educational, and loving participation in my journey. I did feel a different, slightly electrical sensation and energy come in when calling forth my ‘Higher Self.’  See you soon I hope; looking forward to our second session!”    - Barbara W. San Francisco, CA. 8/2013        


“Still processing my session; very deepening and sponsored a couple of deep shifts for me. I LOVED the support and insights you offered pre-hypnosis session and when assisting me with re-writing my questions. Know that you are so brilliant at what you are doing.”   - Helene S. Sonoma, CA.

Merrily happy after her positive critique by Dolores
   Kissing Dolores after my personal evaluation session!



The initial interview, consultation and question review, which normally runs 2-4 hours, will be done while  sitting or relaxing on a comfortable couch. Your actual hypnosis session will be with you lying on a massage table, usually 2 hours long, fully clothed, shoes off, with pillows and blankets provided as needed.


Dress comfortably and make sure you have had enough sleep. Try to avoid caffeine or alcohol before your session. Please consider doing this a few days in advance of your session, so that you will not be distracted by caffeine withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches or drowsiness.  I provide healthy food and water. Please eat breakfast before arriving. Hydrate ahead of time. You will be drinking water during the interview because your body performs best when hydrated. After the hypnosis session and the short post session review, you will be asked to eat some protein to “ground” yourself before driving.


PLEASE NOTE:  Please turn off all ringing cellphones or any other tech device, vibration mode included.  We must work free of unnecessary disturbances.

IMPORTANT -- BRING LIST OF QUESTIONS - Print Out & Bring 2 Copies!


The SC/Subconscious and Superconscious/HigherSelf are quite literal and only answer what you specifically ask via your questions. Please recognize that I will need to respect the incredibly wise priorities of your SC.  My role as a facilitator is to support you in allowing answers to gently bubble up, and for you to feel comfortable and safe to speak whatever you receive. Even if you

think you are just imagining, it still works!


Please type and prioritize in order under suggested 3 main categories:

1. General Questions: Purpose, Mission, Gifts and Talents, Challenges/Themes/Lessons

2. Key Players: Agreements, Challenges, Dynamics with important people in your life

3. Health & Healing: An opportunity to re-create your life in all ways




Present Life Purpose/Mission/Career 

  • What is it I really want to accomplish here? What is the first step in doing that?

  • Does my “understanding” of my “mission” on earth interfere, if at all, with success/happiness?

  • How can I better navigate my life? Which direction should I go? 

  • What would be my first step to feeling more fulfilled?

  • I have my dreams and know what I want, but can’t seem to move ahead. Why?

  • What are my soul’s gifts & talents?                                                                                           

  • Do I have guides, angels or ancestors helping me? Can you tell me about them?


Present Life's Lessons & Challenges/What You Are Learning

  • Is there a core issue in my life, that if I become aware of and resolve it, will improve my life as a whole? If so, what is it and what is the first step in resolving it?

  • What can I improve on in order to grow and evolve?

  • What are my blind spots that interfere with happiness?

  • Why am I feeling low-energy? Confused? Undirected?

  • I’m overwhelmed. What can I edit out of my life to be more centered, focused?

  • What do I need to change in my thinking or actions to adjust better to the stresses in my life? I’m too empathic. I feel everyone’s pain. Why is that, and how can I learn not to do this?


Past/Present/Future/Parallel (simultaneous) Lives

  • What other past lives have I had that are directly affecting this life?

  • Have I taken any vows in my past lives that are preventing me from more love or success in this life? If so, can I revise or nullify them now?

  • I’ve experienced deja-vu before in a certain place or with a certain stranger. What caused that?

  • I have recurrent dreams or glimpses of quick scenes from another time in history. Why?                                                              


  • Why am I terrified of spiders/snakes?

  • Do I have any fears I consciously am not aware of? 

  • Why do I carry so much fear out of proportion to what's happened in my life so far?


Soul Agreements/Lessons/Dynamics with People You Know In Present Life

  • I feel like I recognized my partner right away. Do I know him/her from a past life?

  • Do we have any outstanding karma together? If so, what is it?

  • My boss is a jerk? Do we have specific agreements and/or lessons together?

  • Is ________ part of my direct soul family? What roles are we playing with each other?

  • What kind of people would I want to walk into my life right now? What would they & I be doing?



  • Does it look like a strong probability for me to have a future mate in this lifetime? If so, when?

  • How will I recognize him/her? 

  • I think true love is_________. What is real love? How does it work in real life?

  • The kind of relationship I want with _______ is _________________. Any suggestions on how or what I need to shift inside me to attract that?


Health Issues

  • I feel like I need an overall brain tune-up. Are you able to do that for and with me at this time, along with a “Full Body Scan” with healing?

  • How does my ‘energies’ and health look? Do I need to be concerned about anything?

  • Can I/We shift my current health condition/dis-ease? Is it karmic? A carry-over from a past life?

  • What’s the reason or possible cause(s) for my health condition?

  • What actions, insights and support might better my condition?

  • I feel like I don’t have much energy? Can you explain why?

  • Why am I overweight/underweight? Is there any past life reason? Can you assist with this?

  • I lost my motivation to exercise and also feel guilty for some non-healthy habits I’ve had. What suggestions do you have for me that can assist me to change these habits, at this time?

  • I have allergies? Why? A friend said they’re often due to past life deaths. Is that true for me?


And last but not least...

  • S/C or HS - Is there any last advice you wish to share with me before this session ends?



  1. Practice lying down quietly, without falling asleep. Relax, dropping your jaw and take a deep breath in through your nose, inhaling deep into and filling up the abdomen first, then up to the collarbones. Exhale a longer time slowly through the mouth, while visualizing the breath releasing all tension down and out through your body, like a wave.  Do this at least 3 times.

  2. Add Color Breathing: Ask your body, "Body, what color(s) do you need/want to help balance yourself?" Whatever color(s) pop into your mind, just imagine breathing that color from your head into your chest and abdomen, and then exhale that color from the chest through the arms and all the way out the hands.  Exhale that color from the abdomen, through the hips, down the legs and all the way out the feet. Do this until your body feels full of the color(s) and you feel more peaceful. (Scientifically speaking, long deep exhales promote relaxation of the body, switching your Central Nervous System from the Sympathetic nervous system's, “fight, flight or freeze” mode, to the Parasympathetic relaxation mode.) Note that Gold is a very powerful transformative color and my favorite at this time on the planet to use.

  3. Prior to your session, suggest to yourself several times: "I allow myself to open and receive, so that optimal healing can take place. I have clear and easy communication with my SC/“Higher Self,” fully accepting complete healing with Love. I am ready now. Thank you!"

  4. Be willing to re-evaluate and re-define your beliefs, to free yourself of limited or outdated cultural, religious and ancestral dogma. You are infinite, immortal and exquisite.

  5. Pain and discomfort often involve resistance to our “Natural Self.” Suffering may be due to one or more beliefs you have, that trigger a strong emotional response.  Ask yourself:  "What do I need to shift in my feelings or beliefs about  __________, to choose to no longer suffer?" 

  6. Release any outdated or unfinished business by letting go and forgiving yourself and others as best you can. In the eyes of the Creator/Source/Oneness/Superconscious, there is no judgment. (I recommend looking up “Ho’Oponopono” on the Internet for a useful self-help release technique. I took Dr. Hew Len’s training, so feel free to ask me any questions.)

“In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheels of karma.” 

- Law Of One book series


“You are all creators on Earth, mastering the illusion of limitation"… and transforming.

- Bashar/Daryl Anka


“Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination!”

- Dolores Cannon's SC/Higher Self 

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