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Welcome to Super Soul Solutions

Who Are We?

We are eternal, infinite awareness having experiences for maximum soul growth.

We are multidimensional with Creational energy; having far more capacity and abilities than previously realized. Everyone is naturally in

contact with Source.  Honor the window of

your own soul's knowing.

Where Did We Come From?

We are souls birthed from Creation/Source/Prime Creator, with present bodies made of Gaia/Earth. We, as divine aspects of our Oversoul  Source, were sent out into the Multiverse as an Explorer Race to be curious, discover, serve, and gain experiences through multiple challenges. These challenges

allowed us to discover more artful navigation 


that other multiverse beings can also access;

thereby gaining greater benevolent soul wisdom.

Why Are We Here?

 After participating for so long in this 'holographic' reality; with drivers of limitation, arrogance, 

lies, fear, abuse, greed, false power, wars, and separation - many of us are saying ENOUGH!  Designed as co-creator beings - fractals of Oneness, we are now compelled to re-evaluate all preconceived beliefs and perceptions of old duality-reality programming that veils our true self and natural proclivity for wonder, love, and giggles.

We are here to re-awaken this innate knowing of Oneness and bring about change through honoring Love with Wisdom - embracing All as One Family.

What Is Life About?

    To remember who we truly are; creators, and to create a NEW reality - individually and collectively.         Re-awakening at this pivotal time; we each claim our divine heritage and choose to free our fetters from old repetitive traumatic wounds of victim-perpetrator across lifetimes, as well as the tendency to give our power away to others! Through awareness practices, we are consciously choosing to integrate aspects of our "shadow" selves and forgive; erasing all "karma".

We came in to assist the (2012 onward)Age of RESET - ensuring the birth of the new paradigm:

Freedom, Compassion, Honor,

and Equality For All =  

   Earth Game Mastery.™ 


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Lion's Roar traditionally means"the fearless proclamation of truth."

You that come to birth and bring the mysteries, Your voice-thunder makes us very happy.

Roar lion of the heart, and tear me open.


Everything in the universe is within you.

Ask all of yourself. - Rumi

Fear is for entertainment purposes only.  

- Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT

Are you seeking CLARITY
and not sure what to FOCUS on first?

2023 is a year for a deeper understanding
of who you truly are. "Know Thyself." 

Take time to forgive yourself and others and do inner work to transmute ancestral and other wounds.   The later half of this year will be full of revelations; paradigm shocking for some.  Continue to keep your frequency raised. It's imperative to ensure a positive timeline for earth and humanity.

To learn how to raise your frequencies go to: YouTube; Super Soul Solutions Radio and listen to Episode #35 - Part 4.

1. A useful first step is the willingness to acknowledge You Are A Creator or a Co-Creator and notice any resistance to that as you feel into it more.

2. Write down some of your essential taken-for-granted beliefs about yourself and the world.

3. Now, re-evaluate each belief to make sure that each specific belief is Updated and Aligns with your Current Self, no matter what others have previously said or taught you.

4. "This is hard."  That statement is just a programmed tape from your brain. Remain aware as any of those old limiting beliefs sneak in.  When they do, say to them: "Cancel, Cancel, Cancel. You are not real; you are just an old tape."  And, imagine that belief literally disintegrating and being gone in a puff of light.
5. Then, to re-center, take a big breath and breathe in White light with Golden shimmers from your "higher Self", down through your head - all the way down into your chest. As you exhale, allow that Golden Light to flow throughout your body and out your hands and feet.

6. Take as many Golden Breaths as you need, reenergizing your energy field into an even oval shape at least 3 feet out from your physical skin in all directions. Reset yourself with a new positive and more updated mantra, belief or feeling NOW. "I am always full of energy and attract wonderful beings and opportunities to me."  Your feeling (and thoughts) attract or magnetize this NEW empowered reality to you.

                                        Remember, as a creator, what you focus on is what you create!

This website and the two shows below are examples of progressive beliefs and perspectives being offered to assist humanity in integrating traumas from lifetimes that are currently being triggered.

Visit my page for two shows that allow you to expand your viewpoints:

#1 Earth Game Mastery - The Manual You Never Got At Birth

Expanded and revolutionary viewpoints, succinctly answering 

67 bottom-line questions about Creator, Creation and 

Your Purpose On Earth - 12 parts 10 min each  


#2 Earth Game Mastery: 6 Ancestral ET Races We Inherited Wounds From & What They Are - Parts 1-3 


See Fav. Healing Solutions to Integrate Wounds - Part 4 

              TO INTEGRATE THOSE WOUNDS: click above on
#2 Favorite Healing Solutions To Integrate Wounds - Part 4 

& click below on Archived Shout Outs & Solutions  #1 & #2 

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