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Welcome to Super Soul Solutions

Who Are We?

We are eternal, infinite awareness having experiences to grow. Now, designed as creator beings; we are being asked to re-evaluate and release all pre-conceived beliefs and perceptions of old duality-reality programming that veils our true self. We are multidimensional beings with creational energy; having far more capacity and latent abilities than previously realized.

Where Did We Come From?

We are souls, birthed from Creation/Source,

with present bodies made of Gaia-Earth. We, as a  divine aspect of our Oversoul and Source, were        sent out into the multiverse to explore all as               The Explorer Race; embracing challenges

inherent in many lifetimes; and discovering

new solutions -

thereby gaining greater soul strength for evolutionary growth.

Why Are We Here?

 After participating for so long in this holographic program; with drivers of limitation, arrogance, 

fear, abuse, greed, false power, wars, and separation - many of us are saying Enough! We are now here to re-awaken and bring about change through honoring Inspiration = our innate knowing, embracing all of us as One Family. 

What Is Life About?

To remember who we really are and create the NEW reality - individually and collectively. Re-awakening together at this pivotal time; we're we reclaim our divine heritage and choose to free our fetters from long-time traumatic wounds, caused by old victim-perpetrator paradigms. Practicing the art of forgiveness, and applying discerning wisdom with love;

we assisted the 2012 RESET - ensuring

the birth of the new paradigm of

Compassion, Honor and Equality For All.  

   Earth Game Mastery.™ 



You that come to birth and bring the mysteries,

  Your voice-thunder makes us very happy.

    Roar lion of the heart, and tear me open.-Rumi

Lion's Roar traditionally means

"the fearless proclamation of truth".

Everything in the universe is within you.

Ask all of yourself. - Rumi

Remember to look up at the stars,

and not down at your feet.

Try to make sense of what you see,

and wonder about what makes

the universe exist. BE CURIOUS!

 - Stephen Hawking


  Enigma Enthusiast & Expert 

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life IS but a dream.

If you wish to discover more, please view my 4-part video debut on, titled Earth Game Mastery  

Click here to view Part 1 titled EDH #7           Click here to view Part 2 titled EDH #13

Click here to view Part 3 titled EDH #16         Click here to view Part 4 titled EDH #21's host is Jo Ann, whose husband was in the Secret Space Program, (SSP).

For a full description click here to go direcly to Earth Game Mastery™ page.



In ancient times, the light-hearted bard shared wondrous stories and news-truths from neighboring villages and lands far away - informing locals who had little time to explore; being much occupied with the daily chores of life.


Now, website portals, such as this one, serve as this bard’s regaling; synthesizing 42 years of voluminous journeying into all things mysterious and veiled; yet of great import; connecting the dots and putting the pieces together into one unified/holistic whole. Audiences of old only speak of such in hushed tones; intimidated and fearing ridicule.


   Lion’s Gate - (Mycenae) Crete, Greece

Intrepid creators - this cosmic chronicler invites you to boldly step through this Lion’s Gate portal. Along with other time-traveling minstrels, I am here to help midwife forgotten truths to re-emerge; through story, illustrations, poetry and levity. It is no coincidence that you are here on earth during the most pivotal transition since the history of earth’s inception; The Quickening. Historically, 'quickening' means 'to spring to life'. It refers to the first sign of movement a fetus shows in the womb. This is the time for the long-awaited rebirth or reset of humanity. This gorgeous blue planet has been the stage to play out all matters of galactic historic wounds and ancestral patterns. The next two years; (2017 & 2018); are the galactic time for humanity to integrate these wounds, forgive and heal. Hidden truths started accelerating into the mass public in all manner of ways since November of 2015. Visit 5 Healing Tools page for effective, simple tools. As interconnected beings and holographic aspects of Source, many of you are Choosing To Awaken Now to RAH !


 R emember your divinity. You are all Supersouls; the Vedic synonym for Oversoul or 'Supreme Being'. Memory is held in your DNA.

   A ccess your potential. A new wave of Light energy from the galactic Central Sun awakens a jump in our collective consciousness. 

      H onor your life’s purpose. Be a portal for Presence, Awareness, and greater Consciousness into this world - AS LOVE ITSELF.


As you venture forward to explore these forgotten lands, be of good cheer. It is imperative at this key juncture, to not give in to apathy or overwhelm; which lower your frequencies. Be not waylaid or deterred. Use this website as an inspiration and informative updated map for you. Allow the rising of your curious divine nature to guide you with greater ease and joy. It is time to look for the truth; the truth about our world and the universe, and about YOU. Here you will find that; and be clearer about yourselves, your purpose, and why you are here. Open and allow healing; facing this grand challenge of Unity through Diversity, and the integration game of service to others and service to self - all for the benefit of greater evolutionary growth.


Consciously choose Love over Fear. It only takes a few small groups with a coherent focused intention to raise the frequency (bar); paving the way to freedom for all who choose successful graduation in Earth Game Mastery!  Click here for proof.

Fear is for entertainment purposes only.  

- Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT

Creative Goals & Updates for 2017-2018


See page for shows below:


1. Earth Game Mastery: 6 Ancestral ET Races We Inherited Wounds From & What They Are - Parts 1-3    Fav. Healing Techniques To Integrate Wounds - Part 4   


2.Earth Game Mastery - The Manual You Never Got At Birth

- succinctly answers 67 bottom-line questions about Creator, Creation and Your Purpose On  Earth                  12 parts - 15 minutes each  (Coming in Nov 2017)



3. Earth Game Mastery - Claiming Courageous Competency As A Confident Creator! (Coming December, 2017)


4. 3-minute Simple Solutions on Health, Healing & Happinessanswering subscribers Q's (Coming Jan-Feb 2017) 

I've spent 38 yrs. as a multi-modal, multi-dimensional, integrative practitioner and holistic health researcher.

In addition! 

   Next year, I will be offering short video shows - a wild mixture of

funny, irreverently relevant stories, and playful yet practical solutions

for a variety of life's concerns.

   Questions can be as unusual or expansive as; "How do I talk (animalwhisper) with my dog or cat to improve communication and increase (telepathic) skills together?" I will do my best to give you effective and easy steps to all your questions. Visit my Animalwhispering page.


                                                             Please drop me a quick email to let me know your questions

                                                                 of interest on the Big Picture view, Earth Game Mastery, or

                                                                  Health, Healing and Happiness. I would love to hear from you!  

                                                                 Contact me at





1st Book:
Who's Who In The Galactic Zoo - New Neighbors You Will Be Introduced To ... soon

   This will be a user-friendly book, synthesizing research from many sources, including various military, high-level officials, and intelligence elite insiders, whom have had personal contacts, working relationships, and even friendships, with off-world, on-world, and in-world species. Photos, drawings, and descriptions will be included for each species.

   This should create quite a conversational piece to discuss with others. It will be useful to share with your children and upcoming generations, so they will be informed and educated, as ET Disclosure continues its steady 100-year planned unveiling; and is ocurring at a more rapid pace as I write this (2016). It takes two generations to change a paradigm, and the young people I have talked to are amazingly open to these related exopolitical topics. The Disclosure has been happening for 63 years - through movies and mostly by alternative media interviews from many insiders are coming forward. Whistleblowers with top secret clearance, like astronauts, engineers, pilots, politicians, military,CEOs and others from all avenues of life are coming forward; especially in these last ten years. Public polls now declare that the majority of people believe that extraterrestrial life exists. With the volumes of evidence and billions of planets; at this point it is literally stupid not to - (no offense). 'Science' and even mainstream news is now revealing held-back facts; that there are, millions of planets and galaxies, many habitable and have water (Mars), alien artifacts and bases on the moon, as well as shared ET/military bases on the asteroids of many planets, asteroids.

   My intent is to expand horizons by keeping my readers informed and updated. Many are an extension of our direct human family; and look similar to us. Several have created challenges for us. Many look humanoid in nature; following a common blueprint. Their agendas, philosophies, relationships, methods of space travel, lifestyles, physical appearance, family habits, diet, dwellings and quirks, will be laid out in short form for family-interest sharing. I will do my best to have 'photos' or accurate drawings of each species for you. 

2nd Book:

   "It's Simply Elemental-s , My Dear" 

   This will be another family user-friendly book. What are elementals? They are an inter-dimensional part of the Angelic/Devic kingdom; often known as fairies, sprites, gnomes, elves, leprachauns ... whom are lovers of nature on our planet. They are capable of working with the elements; fire, air, water, earth and ether (space), yet not limited to just those. They have many outstanding abilities. If treated with respect, they can be useful allies and friends. I have been diligently researching the "do's and don'ts" for us humans to learn, if we wish to attract them and want their cooperation, and have not found the specific information I will be sharing in any other book. These are not just little "cutsie" creatures. They have learned to greatly distrust humans and their actions, and if you wish to incorporate them into your family - that decision needs to be sincere and long-term. The fun details will be explained in this short inviting book so we can engage respectfully with them. HERE'S THE BIG SURPRISE. Did you know that everyone has a certain percentage of Fae (fairy) genetics within them from Source ?

 To view amazing real photos of Fairy/Elementalwhispering click here and Orbwhispering click here.


   If you want to get a sense of working with the Devas and Fairy (Faery/Fae) kingdoms; look up the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where I just recently visited. As we now energetically are moving into higher frequencies; we can more likely experience, and occasionally see the elementals, fairies and orbs more easily. I find them helpful, yet they are capable of moodiness and mischievousness, if you do not keep your word. Well, so are people -aren't they? You must gain their trust by doing simple, sincere actions for their beloved planet earth, and fairly consistent actions for them. Don't worry -it doesn't take much time. You will read true success stories from friends, readers, and clients who followed these recommendations.

Helpful Hint: If you wish to earn the fairy's/elemental's trust; leave in small shells or shell plates only organic treats such as nuts, seeds, ocassional honey, unwrapped sweets, or Mead, along with filtered water with no fluoride.

< A Fairy appeared at my friend Michael's  house when he asked it to show itself.

The basis of life is freedom.

The purpose of life is joy.

The result of life is growth.

                                  - Abraham Hicks

3rd Book:

Bodywhisper™ Breakthrough - the Easy & Effective SuperSoul Solution for Quick Transformation to Freedom, Health, Healing, and Happiness™


   Uplifting stories gleaned from 36 years of bodywork expertise. Client's epiphanies and healings will be shared, as well as my own rapid natural healings of four 'no cure for' illnesses. The best news is, Healing Is Simple!

   An affordable workshop and webinar will be offered to teach you how to have fun with self-Bodywhispering. It is both easy and effective. You will be surprised at your untapped abilities, and how rewarding it is to rediscover them. Bodies are mostly reactive; yet intelligent and I believe they want to learn. Appreciating the unique qualities of each Body Type (according to the 6,000 year-old Science of Ayurveda); we will stop the war on the body!

? ...

... by Joining Now! 

Click on the gold outlined box on upper right corner of this page - to receive



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Although the author and researcher, Merrily Milmoe, has attempted to provide meaningful understanding of all topics discussed and has also attempted to ensure accuracy and completeness of any information that originates from any other source than her own, she assumes no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistency herein. Any slights of people or organizations are entirely unintentional.

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As far as law is concerned, you should always consult with a health care practitioner before taking any dietary, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or before beginning or stopping any therapy including starting or stopping any pharmaceutical drug. Because of this, the author and researcher, Merrily Milmoe, is not intending to provide any medical advice or offer a substitute thereof, and makes no warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, with respect to any advice, product, device or therapy.

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Though Merrily Milmoe does not advocate the use of any particular form of health care, she believes that the facts, figures, knowledge and opinions presented herein should be available to every person concerned with improving his or her state of health and happiness. The intention for putting forth any of the information and advice that she originates or endorses, derives from her strong wish that all people find the best of health and personal fulfillment.

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